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The YouTube Premium subscription gives you access to a range of essential features for YouTube enthusiasts, including the ability to remove ads as well as offline video playback as well as accessibility to YouTube Premium Music featuring millions of songs available. The features are available with a price, however, and subscriptions start at $11.99 per month following the first 30 days of trial.

If the benefits (or the cost) are too high for you to bear, However, you may consider canceling your subscription. If you’re looking to learn how to end your YouTube subscription for good or to stop it for a short time and resume it in the future, you can complete this using these methods.

Pause or Cancel a YouTube Premium Subscription on PC or Mac

An YouTube Premium account is restricted to the person who owns the account. Standard Premium users can’t use it without signing up for the plan for Family subscribers. If you’re trying to pause or end the YouTube Premium subscription, you’ll require to log into your Google account that will pay per month for your subscription.

For instance, YouTube Premium Family subscribers who want to end their subscription will require the account holder who is the primary user to log in using the account information. If you’d like to cancel or stop or pause your account, you may do it using either a PC or Mac by following these steps.

Accessing Your YouTube Memberships

  1. To start, open the YouTube website within your browser. If you’re still not signed in, click the Sign In button on the upper right. You’ll have to sign in with the credentials associated with the account you have signed up with. YouTube Premium subscription.
  2. After you’ve signed in, go to your YouTube website (if you’re not able to access it immediately) and then click the profile icon on the upper right. On the drop-down menu, choose the Memberships and purchases
  3. If your account is an Active Premium Membership, Premium should is listed in your Members Click Manage Membership next to review the subscription options available to you.
  4. The terms of your current subscription (including the date of your billing) will be listed below. When you decide to cancel or stop the YouTube Premium subscription, the subscription itself will be in effect until the date for billing is reached. To cancel or stop the subscription, click to deactivate the subscription. deactivate

Pausing or Cancelling YouTube Premium

  1. By clicking the “Deactivate” deactivate button will present you with the option of canceling or suspending or pausing your YouTube Premium subscription. If you cancel your subscription, it will be permanent and will remove access to all the benefits of a subscription and also delete any music or video downloads (including any playlists you’ve saved). For cancellation of your subscription click the Continue option for Cancel. If you’d rather temporarily suspend your subscription for as long as six months you can select the option to pause instead
  2. If you choose the option to Pause instead you’ll be given the option of choosing the date when your membership will restart. You can choose between one and six months to pick from. Simply move the slider within the Choose the duration of pause menu to choose the amount of time you’d like to put the membership on hold Then, select to pause your membership to confirm.
  3. If you decide to terminate your subscription using Keep to Cancel, YouTube will request the reason. Select from the choices and click Next to continue, or choose Never Remember to go back to the Memberships
  4. To confirm the cancellation, choose Yes Cancel.
  5. When your subscription is stopped or terminated, your subscription (and any perks included) will continue to run until the next date for billing, which is displayed at the MembershipsIf you would like to reinstate your membership before the date that is up, you must click”Renew”. renewal button from the Memberships menu.

How to Pause or Cancel a YouTube Premium Subscription on Mobile Devices

You can also cancel or pause your YouTube Premium subscription in the YouTube app for Android, iPhone, or iPad devices. Similar rules apply, with canceling resulting in the loss of your downloaded playlists and saved playlists following the expiration of your billing date while paused subscription will block access to them until they resume.

If you’re planning to cancel or stop your YouTube subscription app, here are the steps you’ll have to do.

Canceling or Pausing YouTube Premium on Android

  1. To modify the details of your YouTube Premium subscription on Android launch YouTube’s YouTube Android app. It is necessary to transfer to the account which is the one that holds your subscription (if it’s not already active). For this to happen, click the Profile icon at the top of the right after which you can select your account’s name at the uppermost part of your account
  2. With your correct account visible on YouTube Select the icon for your profileMemberships and purchases to view your subscriptions.
  3. All current YouTube subscriptions (including YouTube Premium) will be displayed in the following menu. Choose your premium option to open the options of your subscription.
  4. To end or terminate your membership, simply click to deactivate.
  5. You’ll have to select which option to cancel or stop your subscription. To pause your subscription, choose the option to Pause instead. To cancel, choose to Keep and then Cancel.
  6. If you decide to pause then move the slider within the Pause time menu for the duration of suspension (between 1 and six months). It will be in effect until the next billing date, but will not be activated until the suspension expires. Choose the option to pause your membership at the time you’re at your best.
  7. If you decide to cancel your account by clicking Keep to Cancel, YouTube will offer a range of benefits that you’ll be unable to access from the following menu. Choose The Next to continue.
  8. Select the reason you want to end your membership using the options offered in the following menu. If you prefer not to specify a reason, click not to provide a reason
  9. In the end, you can select Cancel Premium to cancel your subscription. Your subscription will continue to be active until the date of your next bill.

Canceling or Pausing YouTube Premium on iPhone or iPad

The steps to stop or cancel the YouTube Premium subscription on an iPhone or iPad will depend on the way you first subscribed. If you have activated your subscription using YouTube’s YouTube apps on the iPhone or iPad as an example you may cancel it (but not stop it) through the Settings menu on your Apple device Setting menu.

If you’ve signed up for your subscription in another location but you’ll need to access your device’s internet browser to cancel or stop the subscription by following the above steps. This can be done from either a computer, Mac, or your mobile device’s browser.

  1. If you wish to end the YouTube Premium subscription that you have made through YouTube’s YouTube App on an iPhone or iPad Open the phone’s settings app and choose your name from the main menu. You will then be able to gain access to your Apple ID
  2. On the Apple menu Choose
  3. Within the Subscriptionsmenu in the Subscriptionsmenu, an apple-activated YouTube Premium subscription will be available. Select it to review your choices. If it’s not there then you’ll have followed the steps above to unsubscribe from your subscription by using your browser.
  4. On the Edit Subscription menu for your Apple-activated YouTube Premium subscription, select Cancel to end the subscription.
  5. It is necessary to confirm your desire to cancel the subscription. Choose “Confirm to confirm after which you must authenticate with the password you created, Touch ID, or Touch ID credentials (if needed). When the cancellation is verified, your subscription will be in effect until the date of your next bill.

Alternatives to YouTube Premium

If you decide to stop or terminate the YouTube Premium subscription, you might be looking to find a different option. It is possible to find alternative options to YouTube that are available according to the type of content you love. For example, film and TV lovers may want to consider giving Netflix as well as Hulu a try and streamers might appreciate the features Twitch provides.

Music lovers, however, may want to splash their money on the premium Spotify subscription due to the vast selection of music and artists that are available to listen to. It is also possible to try Apple Music as well as several alternative services like Spotify to stream your preferred songs wherever you go without having to buy the subscription initially.

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