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4 Best Foods to Consume For a Healthy Skin

Indeed, a measure of discipline is required if you will grow your muscles, but the means to attaining the strong figure you wish are more common than you would have thought. It would help if you consumed more calories than you burn.

However, a word of caution to this seemingly beautiful tale is that if you consume too many calories to build muscles, you will accumulate fat and not the muscles you desire. So, this means you need to constantly monitor the side your body is tending toward even as you consume the required calories. You would need estimated calories to build a pound of muscle, and your body can create lean muscle each week, so the trick is to consume a calculated caloric surplus.  

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Here are several ways you can gain muscles without harming your body. 


  1. Use Natural Aids

Using CBD products is a healthy way to build muscles in that they can reduce inflammation, and ease pain after a long workout session. Also, CBD can aid muscle recovery after an injury. These products make it way easier to build muscle mass with less stress. They give you many results at less cost.  

CBD has a naturally relaxing effect on muscles and aid in rapid muscle growth. If you wish to build your muscles through the help of CBD, consider searching for ” g pen ” on your e-browser for recommendations on the best CBD products to build muscle  

4 Best Foods to Consume For a Healthy Skin

  1. Eat Breakfast

Some individuals make it seem like performing rigorous cardio exercises is the first step in muscle building, but this is not true. Yes, cardio exercises lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of cholesterol build-up, but how much exercise can you perform on an empty tummy? We underestimate the importance of breakfast in our bid to appear serious about gaining muscles but in all sincerity, eating breakfast is the simplest, most profound way to build healthy muscles.  

Prepare omelets, smoothies, cottage cheese, take a fruit or the corresponding juices and take plenty of water. Nothing can set the tone for a productive muscle-building day like taking Breakfast. 

  1. Eat Regularly and Drink Sufficient Quantities of Water

Eating the right thing at the right time is crucial for helping you boost your muscle mass so stick to eating a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eat repeatedly and regularly to make up the required quantity of calories you need for a day.  

Take snacks between meals as you work out and eat in small portions. You have to eat in small amounts to reduce your stomach size, and your waist gets trimmed. Also, do not forget to take water as you train. Training causes a lot of healthy sweating but could lead to dehydration if you don’t refill with water. 

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  1. Maintain Good Eating Habits

Habits such as ensuring you eat healthy fats, whole foods, less processed foods, and carbonated drinks will go a long way to hasten or sabotage your muscle-building desire. Healthy fats would help you lose excess weight and aid your digestion; you should avoid bad fats like margarine that get stored in your body.  

Consume whole olds more than 90% of the time. Avoid excessively refined or processed canned foods, such as sugars, pizza, frozen meals, fruit bars, etc. Consume proteins that were purchased in their natural state. Eat carbohydrates only after you have worked out, and ensure to take fruits, vegetables, and sufficient water with every meal. 

  1. Do not Overtrain

Overtraining equals all forms of stressors you might encounter in your quest to build muscles. They could come in primary physical forms where you feel the need to lift weights all day. The stress could be emotional, environmental, or even psychological, where you compare yourself to other persons and wish you could attain the muscular stature they already possess.  

These would cause intense fatigue in your brain leading to an over-stimulation of your central nervous system and decreased motivation. To eliminate the stressors, take adequate sleep, do not allow anyone to push you with what they have attained, and you will build your muscles healthily. 

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7.Always Calculate Your Calories  

There are more scientific ways, such as undergoing a metabolic test, but these are inconvenient and perhaps costly. “Do not be scared to eat a lot (it is needed for growth) and be consistent with training and working out,” says Bustillo, who adds, “starting with 16-18 times bodyweight in pounds can assist give a starting point; thereafter, evaluate progress. 

Consult a certified training coach and registered dietitian as soon as possible to help you map out an exercise plan and calorie needs to accomplish your goals and guide you through the process. 

Furthermore, Bustillo suggests that you “get your body composition measured at the beginning and several months later, as this would provide measurable data to aid see progress. 

  1. Consume Protein-Rich Meals and Vegetables

Besides the calorie intake, you would also need to consume protein-rich foods. Muscles are composed mainly of protein; therefore, you would have to take in at least 1g per 454g of body weight. That equals 200g of protein daily if you weigh 91kg 

Research shows that consuming lean protein 15 to 20 minutes pre, during, and within an hour post-workout would help improve muscle gain. Don’t count on finishing a chicken feast at the gym; you could purchase protein drinks to keep handy during the workout. But at home, you could eat more red meat (lamb, pork, and beef), fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna), eggs, milk, cheese, poultry (turkey, duck, chicken) 

As you consume calories, proteins, and water, do not neglect to add vegetables to the bandwagon. Most edible vegetables have low-calorie content, and this is why they can make you feel full without you gaining much weight. The vitamins and minerals these vegetables contain also make them a must as they act as antioxidants and add bulk to stool, preventing constipation. 





Note firstly that the muscle building principle is hinged on positive energy balance. Also, the success in building muscle hinges on meal intake, supplements, and various habits you imbibe daily. This article has explored different tips to build muscle healthily.  

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