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How much does it cost to wash my sofa? It’s one of the most commonly asked questions at Clarity Cleaners, and we do our best to answer it every time. Today, we’re going to dive deep into what factors influence the cost of sofa cleaning in Sydney and how you can keep your sofa looking good longer by avoiding accidents in the first place. We’ll also be looking at different types of upholstery fabric because knowing which kind of fabric you have will help you understand why it costs and what it costs to clean it.

Sofa washing

It’s one of those household chores that people dread. Having your couch professionally washed can be costly and time-consuming, whether you don’t want to lug your heavy couch down several flights of stairs or because you’re worried about scratching up your floor. Here at Aussie Cleaning Sydney, we have an easy solution for you!

In our experience, we found Sofa Cleaning Sydney Cost anywhere from $150-$200. This price includes an upholstery clean, leather clean, and furniture sanitizing. However, if you’re looking for an even cheaper alternative, you can always try doing it yourself! The cost of DIY sofa cleaning can vary depending on what materials your couch is made out of, but generally, it’s between $20-$50 for a standard-sized couch (3-4 seater). If you want to give your sofa a quick clean, all you need are some products from your local supermarket or hardware store and about 1 hour!

Couch cleaning

A question we often get is how much does sofa cleaning Sydney cost. Sofa cleaning, by nature, isn’t an all-encompassing procedure like upholstery cleaning and stain removal. For one thing, it’s typically smaller; and second, there are fewer chemicals needed (and less risk of dirtying your skin). Let’s look at what sofa cleaning involves, and then we can go into more detail about price comparisons. The process for couch cleaning generally goes something like this:

  • Start with vacuuming or hand-dusting to remove surface dust.
  • Spot clean with specific cleaners for any spots that need attention.
  • Wipe down with a cloth dampened in a mild soap solution and wrung out sufficiently to avoid leaving water droplets behind.
  • Finally, use high-velocity air or low-pressure steam to lift dirt from cracks and crevices.

Upholstery cleaning

A couch master will help you evaluate what needs cleaning, whether an entire couch or one small area. This can add up pretty quickly—it’s rare for something like cleaning all cushions on a 3-piece sectional couch with integrated recliners (actual search result!) to be less than $500, especially when you need four visits for the job. But that rate seems more reasonable when you consider how dirty most people let their furniture get before they start shopping around.

Furniture restoration

Think of your couch like an old friend—it’s starting to look tired, but maybe he can look as good as new with a little TLC. Don’t toss that beige couch in the trash just yet; let couch master Steven show you how you can restore your old furniture at home (and for cheap). Learn more about what materials you need and what supplies will help make sure your couch looks brand-new again. Click here for more information on Couch Master favorite products and collections!

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