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Guide How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft

Simple materials are all that matter. Most people associate crafting with Minecraft with using diamonds to create top-end armor and enchant their weapons for the Ender Dragon. But did you know that you can also make fireworks? Fireworks can not only look cool but also serve a practical purpose.

You can use fireworks to make your crossbow or beacons for friends on the same server. The Elytra also allows you to extend flight times. Although there are many tutorials on how to make fireworks in Minecraft, the most important thing is that you only need simple materials.

Making a Firework Rocket in Minecraft

You only need two ingredients to make a firework rocket from Minecraft: gunpowder or paper.

  1. One piece of gunpowder and one sheet of paper should be placed in a 3×3 crafting grid. It doesn’t really matter where the grid is located.
  2. Firework rockets can be taken from the grid.

This is the absolute minimum power firework that you can create, and it is kind of boring. You can add more ingredients to the base recipe to increase the effect. It’s like cooking. While you can make pancakes using just flour, milk, and eggs, adding cinnamon or blueberries to them dramatically enhances the experience.


The fireworks star is the core of any custom fireworks rocket. To create a firework, you add the Firework Star to the mix with gunpowder or paper.

To customize the Firework Star, you can also add additional ingredients. How to make one?

  1. You can also add dye and gunpowder to the crafting grid.
  2. To customize the explosion, you can add any additional ingredients.

The real fun begins now. You can change the appearance of fireworks by changing their color or effect.

Make a Creeper-Face Explosion

Have you ever wondered how to create those cool explosions that look like a creeper’s head? It’s easy just add the head from any mob in your Firework Star recipe. It can be thrown in with any other ingredients and will create an explosion the size of a Creeper.

By killing an enemy with a Charged Creeper blast, you can gain mob head status. Because Charged Creepers can be so rare, it is easier to get them by attaching the Channeling Enchantment on a trident than striking a Creeper using it.

How to Make Round Explosion

You don’t have to make fireworks look like the most fearsome enemies in Minecraft. Instead, add a Firecharge to your Firework Star recipe. A Fire Charge can be made by mixing Blaze Powder with Charcoal or Charcoal and Gunpowder within a crafting grid. It can also be found in chests and bartering with Piggins.

Making a Star-Shaped Explosion

To make a Star-Shaped explosion, all you have to do is add a gold nugget into a Firework Star recipe. A gold ingot can be broken down into nine nuggets using a crafting table.

How to Make an Explosion

To make a burst explosion, or a firework that explodes in the sky, add a feather to your Firework Star Recipe. Feather can be obtained by killing chickens.

Add Trails to Minecraft Fireworks

Any of the above-mentioned recipes can be modified to add extra effects. To add a trail effect to Minecraft fireworks, you can add a Diamond to the Firework Star recipe. This will cause an explosion to trail across the sky.

Add a twinkle to Minecraft Fireworks

Although it might not sound very cool, the Twinkle effect makes fireworks explode after an explosion. It’s amazing that you can alter sound effects. This effect can be added to your Firework Star recipe by adding Glowstone Dust.

Glowstone Dust is obtained by breaking Glowstone Blocks found in the Nether, or from enemies. Glowstone Dust is most often found by killing Witches.

Have More Fun with Minecraft Fireworks

With just a few adjustments, you can further customize your fireworks display or explosion effect. These are some things to remember.

  • Your firework’s flight time will increase if you add more gunpowder. Three pieces of gunpowder can be used.
  • The color of your explosion will be affected by the dye used. You can make a rainbow-colored firework by mixing multiple colors of dye.
  • Redstone can be used to make a timer and a fuse that will set off fireworks far away if you are unable to see the explosion from below. You’ll be able to appreciate them fully.

Your game won’t be affected by fireworks. They won’t cause any damage to buildings and it wouldn’t be possible to use fireworks to kill Ender Dragons. They can be a lot of fun. Learn how to make fireworks and discover all that Mojang has to offer.

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