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Folded Business Cards

Everything people do today in business is digital right from sending mail, attending meetings, signing contracts, to even networking. According to the Entrepreneur, digital will not be able to replace the business card anytime soon. Digitally exchanging contact information is impersonal. Engaging in actual conversation and maintaining eye contact is the way how robust business relationships begin. Networking is all about establishing genuine connections. Business cards have always been excellent conversation starters. However, their innovative, folded versions are best for memorable conversations.

A folded business card adds an intriguing or fascinating twist to the usual cards by incorporating an additional panel. All these panels are creased aptly to create four distinctly visible sides. This is best for accommodating more information on your folded business card. You now have four sides instead of two for adding information. You may add text, pictures, or logos on all four sides so that your business card is a comprehensive representation of your organization. With absolutely no limitations on the use of colors, you are free to design and stylize your business card for creating maximum impact. Let us explore the top reasons to use a folded business card.

Versatile & Roomier

Folded business cards are incredibly versatile. Moreover, there is more room for packing in more vital business information than standard business cards. Folded varieties are flexible and versatile and are considered to be the best for loyalty cards and appointments. If you are using folded cards, you can incorporate a brief portfolio of your organization for your upcoming event or exhibition. Thanks to their versatility and spaciousness, the folded cards are crucial marketing tools for your organization. The innovative folds are instrumental in transforming a typical business card containing your name and other basic contact info, into an effective marketing tool for highlighting your portfolio.

Seamless Marketing Assistance

Whether you wish to utilize your foldable card as a recipe card, clothing label, or even a compact instruction guide, you may give vent to your creativity in the best way possible. These folded cards are versatile and smart providing seamless marketing assistance to help your business gain a competitive edge. You have the liberty to customize these cards utilizing velvet lamination, premium quality paper, or some of the best designs to create a gorgeous look.

Brand Storytelling Platform

You could go about telling your brand story by using foldable cards. You may use two sides for writing a brief story about your brand or business. You may use other sides for including a logo or an image, adding a promo code, or incorporating valuable info relating to your business. Your foldable business card is similar to a mini-book loaded with crucial information that one simply cannot avoid reading.


Using business cards is a cost-effective way of marketing your brand or business. You do not have to burn a hole in your pocket if you choose this form of advertising and promotion. It involves one-time printing expenditure only. Both digital marketing and website promotion require spending a substantial amount.


Foldable business cards are excellent for adding value and extending your sales pitch way beyond the typical or standard business cards. Foldable business cards are the way to go. Organizations should make maximum use of their designs and features

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