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Easiest Way To Make Effective Instagram Reels

Nowadays, it’s hard not to find yourself on social media in some form or another. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, people of all ages are connected through the various social media platforms available today. Some, like Facebook and Twitter, have become more business-friendly, while others, like Snapchat, have become all about the interactions between friends and family members.

But no matter which platform you prefer, one common thing about them is that people love visuals.

People have been making video reels on Instagram ever since the app was released in 2010, but only recently has the medium started to come into its own to connect with followers and showcase your own unique identity on the site.

This content style allows you to take advantage of new Instagram features that you couldn’t use before, such as carousel posts, Instagram highlights, stories, and multiple photo uploads in one post. 

What’s An Instagram Reel?

An Instagram reel is a powerful tool for any company because it allows viewers to watch videos on all of their devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Reels can even be shared across social platforms. 

Reels are short videos on Instagram made for entertainment and education purposes. It helps users connect with their audience effectively and create their own unique identity on the platform. They are actively used to collaborate with the community, participate in the ongoing trends, and explore new niches and ideas. 

They are great for remembering special events, building brand loyalty, and increasing user engagement. The best part about them is they are super easy to make! Read on to learn more about how to make Reels and drive engagement. 

How Do You Make Reels On Instagram

Instagram has a very easy and convenient way of creating and sharing reels:

  1. First, open your account and search for the plus icon in the top section of your account.
  2. You will be presented with several options such as photos, Reel, Story, Live, story highlights, etc.; on clicking the reel option, you will be redirected to the part of the site where you can start editing your own video

Another way of accessing it is by swiping left on your Instagram feed; you will be directed to the Instagram camera. You will find several options for posting on Instagram, such as stories, reels, posts, etc. Click on ‘Reel’ and start creating your videos right away. 

  1. On the left side of the screen, you’ll find a few different icons with brief explanations. You can:
  •  Choose the type of music that will play in the background of your film
  • Decide the length of your short (between 15 seconds and 60 seconds)
  • Select the speed of your Reel from .3x to 4x
  • Add effects to your video
  • Wave: You can use Touch Up to make your face or skin look smoother
  • Pick the length of your video and set a countdown clock for a visual indicator of when to start recording
  • Hit the Record icon button to start recording, then again to stop

You can work with multiple videos and string them together with Reels to make them into the video you want. Then, you can edit music, add stickers and effects, overlay text, freehand draw, and more.

Finish off the process by publishing your finished Reel on your Stories and profile.

How To Use Instagram Reels to Boost Your Presence on Social Media

If you’re looking for an easy way to get your business’s name out there, it may be worth your time to consider creating a marketing campaign around an Instagram reel.

You can create them easily and share them on other social media outlets. They’re cost-effective and engaging. Plus, they allow you to show off your brand in a visual format easy for viewers to understand.

Now that you know how to make reels, you can follow some tips to enhance your presence on social media platforms.

Be Relevant

As much as we want to think we live in a world where all kinds of content engage people, it’s not always true. There are many reasons why some posts do better than others, but one factor that seems clear is video content over images.

Before creating an Instagram reel for your business, determine what kind of you will be featured in it.

For example, if you’re a fitness instructor, include images of yourself before and after fitness training or images of yourself running on a beach or doing yoga at home. Then share your journey with others through pics that demonstrate how active you are and create a story through photos that showcase your lifestyle.

If you’re a real estate agent, show off properties you have sold and give viewers a glimpse into their lives by posting pictures of clients enjoying their new homes. If you run a restaurant, feature dishes on Instagram so people can see what they can expect when they dine there.

To make these images more compelling, use hashtags like #fitlife #yoga #realestateagent #foodie, etc., so people searching for those terms can find your posts easily.

Drive Engagement With Instagram Reels

Most business owners are aware of how vital it is to have a great profile on social media. This may mean having many followers or being active in different groups and forums.

If you’re looking for a more visual way to engage your audience, then you should try out creating an Instagram reel or video. 

Use Subtle Branding Elements To Spread Awareness

A simple way to spread your brand awareness on Instagram is by placing a subtle logo or tagline in your video’s title or description.

Even if someone doesn’t see your post, they can still be aware of it as they scroll through their feed. 

Keep It Short

A video reel must entertain, educate and engage. How do you accomplish all three? By keeping things short.

No one wants to watch a long video on their mobile phone. If you can edit your message to fit into one or two minutes, you’re already doing well in reaching your audience. Any longer than that, and people will get bored and move on, leaving you and your business behind.

Add a Strong Call-to-Action at the End

With a strong call-to-action at the end of your video and an obvious way for viewers to find you on other platforms (your website, email list signup form, social accounts), you’re in a great position to drive engagement with Instagram reels.

If you’re trying to grow your email list and increase conversions from Instagram followers into subscribers, try making short clips of yourself delivering value in some form.

Final Thoughts

Having an Instagram reel for your brand or business can be an effective way to grab users’ attention, but creating one that’s effective and engaging requires careful planning and attention to detail.

Apart from creating and sharing reels, you can also repost Instagram stories to drive engagement and solidify your presence on Instagram. To create the best possible Reel that will keep viewers engaged, you need to ensure you’re using the right images, keeping things organized, and making it easy to navigate through your images.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can create an effective Instagram reel that will catch the eye of potential customers and get them clicking through to your website or social profiles with ease.

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