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Coinbase Pro vs. Coinbase (1)

Coinbase Pro vs. Coinbase:No matter if you’re just exploring cryptocurrency or a seasoned trader, Coinbase is a name that you’ve probably heard of. It was founded in 2012 and Coinbase has established itself as the standard cryptocurrency exchange in the US with an annual trading volume of over $300 billion in the last quarter.

If you’re planning to start an Coinbase account for yourself it is important to first determine the version of the platform you’d like to use. Coinbase Pro is a significantly enhanced version of the simple Coinbase experience that offers sophisticated features typically found on exchanges such as Binance.

This raises one question, do I really require to purchase the Pro version? What is the main different in Coinbase as well as Coinbase Pro? Most importantly, which one is the most effective?

Coinbase vs. Coinbase Pro: An Overview

While there are plenty of applications for mobile devices to buy stocks but the same can’t be said of cryptocurrency. When it first launched, Coinbase was mostly targeted at people who were just beginning to explore the world of crypto, and this is a fact that is still a reality. While the majority of Bitcoin exchanges were extremely difficult for users, Coinbase allowed users to purchase BTC through their bank accounts as well as credit cards or even fiat currencies which is what it’s known as in circles of crypto.

However, over time Coinbase’s platform and users have grown in a variety of ways. Coinbase offers crypto trading on various trading pairs with USD and has opened up trading to enthusiasts as well as serious investors. This is why there was the need for a more sophisticated trading platform.


Coinbase Pro is an advanced cryptocurrency exchange. With lower costs and powerful trading tools like Stop orders or limit orders it’s an exchange designed for advanced traders who wish to trade digital assets more often. For instance, if you want for a way to make and then sell cryptocurrency yourself, you’ll require greater margins to earn a profit.

There isn’t any definitively the best Coinbase platform. Every cryptocurrency exchange has its own pros and drawbacks. Although the basic platform is easy to use and lets customers buy cryptocurrency using credit card however, Coinbase Pro is more powerful. Pro variant of the Coinbase platform is far more robust and has lower fees for trading.

What’s the Best Part About Coinbase? Coinbase So Excellent?

For those who haven’t heard, Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It is available as a web-based site or as a mobile application on Android or iOS The platform lets users to purchase and sell cryptocurrency with fiat currencies such as USD as well as EUR.

The application is not only protected by two-factor authentication it also has an FDIC required insurance plan ensures that your investments are safe from theft or fraud. Coinbase does not allow customers access to private keys however it does offer password-managed accounts.


Coinbase is charged a percentage of each transaction as a transaction fee and also charges an additional fee on purchases made with credit cards. The higher costs discourage big-scale buyers from Coinbase however it is little difference to the average customer. If you are concerned about fees you can always use Coinbase Pro.

The Benefits of Coinbase Pro

For a proper cryptocurrency trading experience with the toolset and features offered by stocks, it is recommended to change onto Coinbase Pro. Formerly called GDAX, Coinbase Pro offers all the features you would are looking for from a cryptocurrency exchange, like the capability to trade crypto pairs and track their portfolios.


The cryptocurrency platform also comes with an enhanced UI that includes advanced charting tools to better know the market. Coinbase Pro fees are also considerably lower than those of the normal app, but there’s still no fixed cost pricing system.

The fee structure is based on that of the module maker and taker. If you’re adding liquidity to your orders book, then you will need to pay the maker’s fee. If you’re fulfilling a specified trade, you must pay an additional fee for taker. The lower fees for both of these ensure the fact that Coinbase Pro is one of the most competitive cryptocurrency brokers within Europe and the USA. USA in addition to Europe.

You could also utilize to use the Coinbase Pro API to set up automated trading or portfolio tracking. Prior to that, Coinbase Pro also offered margin trading using USDC pairs, however it was removed due to concerns about regulatory compliance.

What Crypto Exchange Is the Best for You?

The two Coinbase as well as Coinbase Pro perform the basic purpose of cryptocurrency exchanges which is to buy Bitcoin as well as other cryptos such as Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC) with various payment options that range from the most common choices like debit cards or credit card, to options such as wire transfer or ACH transfer. The differences are the form of their features and the user interface.

Coinbase is a great option for those who are just beginning in the field of cryptocurrency. It isn’t necessary to limit yourself to using the Blockchain database however, you can also begin making predictions about cryptocurrency to be an asset. Its simplicity lets even novices begin investing in cryptocurrency by using fiat currencies U.S. dollars or GBP instead of BTC trading pairs. Security features such as two-step verification as well as FDIC insurance safeguard you against fraud in lesser-known digital wallets.


Coinbase Pro, on the other hand, provides an excellent platform for serious cryptocurrency traders. Lower transaction costs allow you to purchase and sell cryptocurrency more often and in greater quantities. The advanced features , such as stop orders and limit orders allow the platform to hold against other exchanges, such as Binance.

If you’re new to crypto and trying to start your journey then go with Coinbase. However, if you’re an experienced trader in cryptocurrency and prefer a platform that won’t hold your hand, Coinbase Pro is just the right platform for you.

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