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Can’t Send Text Messages From Android? 4 Fixes to Try

Despite the popularity of WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger, text messages are still very popular.

You may be concerned about missing text messages or if you can’t send them. You may also be concerned that your Android device is being hacked. However, it’s very unlikely.

We will guide you through the steps necessary to fix the problem and regain communication with your loved ones and colleagues.

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Why can’t I send text messages to my Android?

Three components are required for text messaging: the device, the app, and a cellular connection. There are many reasons why all three components could fail, including:

Can’t Send Text Messages From Android

  • No signal.
  • Insufficient airtime
  • The wrong settings.
  • It is possible that the cellular network will not transmit or receive messages.
  • Traffic jamming the network
  • You may not be reaching the correct number or it could be disconnected.
  • Your phone may be damaged.
  • The device supports Flight Mode.
  • It is not properly inserted.
  • Sometimes, the messaging app can be glitchy or not working properly.
  • Invalid message center settings

These issues can be difficult to diagnose, and they only become apparent once the problem is fixed. Let’s see if we can get our Android phone to send text messages again.

What to do if you can’t send text messages from Android

These troubleshooting steps will help you to resume text messaging on an Android phone.

Preliminary Tests

  • You should check if your phone has enough airtime to send text messages. It is possible that you are trying to send long messages which will require more airtime.
  • You should check the reception of your device as it could affect your ability to send or receive messages. You can either find a better spot or use a booster to increase reception if you are at home.
  • You can check the status updates from your cellular provider regarding network issues.
  • Verify that the number you are sending messages to is valid and correct. It is possible that you have entered the wrong number or code.
  • Verify whether your carrier supports SMS/MMS/RCS messaging.
  • Verify that Messages has been set as your default text messaging app.
  • Make sure your SIM Card is properly inserted into the port. Check your device’s status and notification bar to verify that the mobile network is active. If your phone displays the message “No SIM Card”, you can insert the SIM card again and try again. However, if the phone doesn’t recognize the SIM card, contact your network provider or try another phone.
  • To fix any loops or glitches, restart your phone and then install any updates to the operating system that Messages App requires.
  • Disable Flight Mode. Airplane Mode disables all forms of wireless communication. This means you cannot make or receive calls or send or receive text messages. To disable Airplane Mode open SettingsConnectsFly Mode, and then switch to Off.
  • To fix memory management issues that could be preventing you from sending text messages, quit and restart Messages on your device.
  • To fix bugs or resolve issues with the Messages app, update Android and send text messages again. You can update your Android operating system depending on the model of your device by going to Settings > Software Upgrade and installing any pending updates.
  • To fix bugs and other issues that prevent you from sending SMS messages, update the messaging app.

1. Block Numbers

It could be possible that one person’s number is blocked and you are unable to send them text messages.

  1. To verify if it is blocked, open Contacts and tap on the person’s ID. Next to the number or name, look for the Block symbol (circle with diagonal lines).
  2. To send text messages to someone again, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen.

Note – It’s possible that another person has blocked you. This means you can send them a message but they won’t get it. You might also get an unanswered message from someone, giving you the impression that your messages have not been received.

3. To confirm that someone received your messages, you can enable Read Receipts. To enable Read Receipts, open Messages by tapping the three dots.

2. Clear your Text Message App’s Data and Cache

Clearing the cache will refresh the Messages app and eliminate any glitches.

  1. Clear the cache by opening Settingsapps, and then tap messages (or your Messaging application).
  2. Tap Storage.
  3. Next, tap Clear Cache.
  4. To delete all data in the app, tap Clear data then tap Ok to confirm.

Start your phone and send the message again.

3. Reset SMS Settings to Default

It is possible that your default SMS settings have changed if you swap SIM cards before the problem began. This can cause problems when you send text messages as every service provider has unique preferences and allows them to send the messages correctly.

  1. To restore SMS settings to their default state, open the Messenger app on your smartphone and tap Settings.
  2. Reset all options to default, restart the device, and then try again to send a message.

4. SMSC Check

The SMSC, or Message Center number, is similar to the Access Point Names. SMSC is unique for each network operator. It allows you to send text messages.

  1. To verify the SMSC of your device, open the SMS app. Next, tap the three dots on the right side to open Settings.
  2. Tap Other Settings.
  3. Next, tap text Messages.
  4. To see the Message Center number of your carrier, scroll down to the bottom.

Note You can also visit the operator’s website and compare it with your phone’s message center number. To save your message center number, you can enter it in the Message Centre field.

Contact your service provider if you are still having trouble sending text messages to Android devices despite trying all the above fixes.

Contacts Restore communication

If your Android device is still not sending text messages despite all of the above, you can take it to be repaired or contact your mobile carrier for assistance. Do you have any other suggestions to solve the problem of Android not sending text messages? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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