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Sasha Monik

A rising star among magicians, Sasha Monik, has been taking the world by storm with her captivating magic performances in Las Vegas and on national television shows since she was only 14 years old. Monik, who will be performing at Fantasy at The Hilton this week and next, recently took time out of her busy schedule to answer some questions about her life as an emerging young magician. Here’s what she had to say

5 Things That Have Helped Me as a Girl Magician

Hello! My name is Sasha Monik and I’m a rising star among magicians. Growing up, I was always interested in magic and playing card tricks with my brother. In high school, my English teacher let me explore that interest through her class. When we read The Prestige by Christopher Priest, a story about two rival magicians who continuously one-up each other with their latest acts of daring (thus creating suspense in the audience), I was hooked! To this day, it’s still one of my favorite books. I loved the way the author described what the magician actually does–that he (or she) employs an artistic endeavor that requires skill, intense practice, and risk to create wonder for others–something worth striving for!

How Sasha Monik Became a Magician and What It Means for Her Career

Born to a magician and his wife, it’s no surprise that she’s following in her father’s footsteps. She performed her first show at the age of 10, now 21-year-old Sasha Monik is one of the few female rising stars among magicians. Her skills and personality make her a stand out performer both on stage and off. Watch this video to find out more about how she became a magician and what it means for her career! Her skill and personality have helped Sasha Monik become a stand out performer both on stage and off. 

The hobby that has made her famous worldwide doesn’t end when she walks offstage, though: I have always loved magic as long as I can remember, Sasha said. It was only natural for me to be involved with magic. So far, Sasha has done almost 50 shows all over Europe; but not without challenges: For some reason there are many old people who hate the idea of young girls doing magic, she says. But those challenges haven’t stopped Sasha from becoming one of Europe’s most sought after magicians!

The Incredible Rise of Magician Prodigy Sasha Monik

Magician Sasha Monik is a 17-year-old professional with a long list of credits and accomplishments. She has been dubbed a rising star among magicians. Ever since she was a child, she has always enjoyed making her friends laugh by performing for them during the holidays or on their birthdays. As time went on, she found out that magic was not just a hobby but an incredible passion of hers which led to her taking it up as her profession when she turned 12 years old. With her drive, work ethic and determination; it seems that there is no stopping this young lady from achieving success in this competitive industry

It’s Fun, But Work Is Work

Sasha Monik, at the age of 10, was one of just 100 people to compete in the 2013 World Championships of Magic. With his deck of cards, the young prodigy displayed a seemingly endless repertoire that included sawing a person in half and cutting them up into pieces only to have him reassembled by production’s end. The routine is awe-inspiring even for those who are not magical aficionados. We talked with Sasha about what he likes about magic and how it feels being on stage. Here’s what he had to say

The future of magic may lie with Sasha Monik.

This young prodigy has quickly come to become one of the top magicians in her field and is not afraid to break norms or stray from tradition. In fact, she has had the most original tricks for a magician aged 24 than any other in the past six years. Her YouTube channel where she showcases her skills and latest tricks has quickly grown to over 150,000 subscribers. She’s been featured on television twice and even hired by major brands such as Harley Davidson, Coca-Cola, Walt Disney World Resort, and more to entertain at their events. But it isn’t just companies that want her skills; she also got nominated for Best Debut Artist at the 2019 Canadian National Magic Convention and won third place at the Bay Area International Magic Convention in 2018.

Sasha Monik might be the future of magic.

In just a few short years, Sasha Monik has emerged as a rising star among magicians. He’s not your average magician, his shows take place not in a packed theater but on the Internet. What he does though is simple – captivate his audience with moments of excitement and wonderment, before dropping them back into reality to think about what just happened. You could say he’s doing magic with digital content. 

Sasha spent the majority of his life working in Silicon Valley as an engineer before leaving his job to become a full-time magician.

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