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There are many creative uses for transparent imagesLayering images on top of each other can be used to create collages. To highlight text and icons, you can either use a lighter image or a transparent one. It is simple to adjust the transparency of an image.

This guide will show you how to make an image transparent with some third-party apps and built-in methods on various programs such as Paint, PowerPoint, and Google Slides.

1. Microsoft Paint 3D

Microsoft Paint is an updated version of Microsoft Paint that comes with Windows 10. Paint 3D can be used for drawing simple tasks, such as making transparent images.

Note – If you are unhappy with the outcome of the image, you can use Adobe Adobe Photoshop to create transparent backgrounds or layer images for great effects.

  1. Start Paint 3D, then choose Menu.
  2. Next, choose OpenBrowse to open the image.
  3. To open the sidebar, select Brushes.
  4. Next, navigate to the Opacityoption sidebar and drag this slider to adjust the transparency level.

2. In Microsoft Word

You can make an image transparent using Word. However, you will need to draw a shape first. Fill it with your image, then adjust the transparency.

  1. Select Insert > Forms to select a shape, and then draw it into your document. You should ensure that the shape you are drawing has the same proportions and image as the one you wish to add to it.
  2. Select the shape, then choose Shape > Outline.
  3. Right-click on the shape and choose Format.
  4. Select the Fill button in the Shape pane, then choose Picture and Texture fill.
  5. Next, choose Insert > Photos, select an image, and then select.
  6. You can adjust the transparency of the image by moving the transparency slider within the Form Shape pane. To adjust transparency, you can also enter a number between zero and 100 in the box beside the slider.

Select Insert > shapes to make the shape transparent. Then, pick a shape you like and draw it. Right-click on the shape and select Format Shape, then choose Fill. You can now drag the transparency slider to your desired level of transparency.

Note: An image cannot be made transparent in Office for Web.

3. In Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint provides basic tools that you can use to modify images, including the ability to make transparent images.

  1. To insert your image, open PowerPoint and select InsertPhotos.
  2. Right-click on your image and choose Format Image.
  3. In the Format Picturespane, select the Image
  4. Next, click on the arrow next to Picture Transparency. Drag the transparency slider to adjust transparency.
  5. You can also alter the transparency of a part of your image by opening your image and selecting it. Next, choose Picture Format.
  6. Choose Color from the Adjust
  7. Next, choose Set Transparent Colour. Use your cursor for the color you want in the image.

Each instance of the chosen color in your image will now become transparent and take on its background color.

4. Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing tool similar to Word, but it focuses more on page layouts and design. Publisher allows you to make images transparent for publication.

  1. Select the image that you wish to use, then choose Photo ToolsColor, and finally select Set Transparent Colour.
  2. Select the transparent color in your image. Then, press CTRL+T.

5. Google Slides

You can make an image transparent in Google Slides if you wish to place text or add it to another image.

  1. To open the image, select Insert>. Right-click the image and choose Format options.
  2. Click the arrow next Adjustments, then adjust the transparency slider to your desired level.

6. Google Docs

Google Docs has some basic tools that will allow you to make images transparent and then add them anywhere in your document.

  1. To open your image, select InsertPhotoClick on the image to open it. Next, click the Image Options link in the toolbar.
  2. Next, choose Adjustments. Then adjust the Transparency Slider to your desired level of transparency. Close the Image Options column once you are done.

7. Office 365 for Windows and Mac

Microsoft 365 subscribers can access the Transparency tool to make images transparent within Office 365.

  1. Insert your image on your Windows PC and choose Transparencyfrom the Image Tools Format
  2. You will see pre-set transparency options, which you can choose between 0-95 percent.
  3. You can also customize the transparency by choosing TransparencyImage Transparency Options.
  4. Drag the Transparency slider into the Format Pictures

8. Make your image transparent on Mac

Mac users can adjust the transparency of objects or images in programs such as Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.

Numbers, Apple’s spreadsheet application, can be used to create stunning spreadsheets with amazing images and tables. Keynote is Apple’s PowerPoint for creating stunning presentations.

  1. Open Pages, Keynote, or Numbers on Mac. Next, tap the Format
  2. To make your image transparent, select the image you wish to use and drag the Opacity slider from the Style

9. Apps from Third Parties

You can also use Online PDF if you need to quickly make images transparent. You can also use third-party apps like Snagit and Canva. Adobe Photoshop might be a better choice if you are looking for a more advanced program.

Adjust Image Transparency Easily

You can make an image transparent by changing the transparency of layers, filters, or effects. This will allow you to see more of it. This guide will help you make your images transparent on Windows or Mac.

You can find more digital photography tips and tricks at 7 image modifications you can make in Photoshop, and how easy it is to add watermarks on your online photos before uploading.

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