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Audible, Amazon’s audiobook service is the largest in the world. Audible allows users to access selected audiobooks via a monthly subscription. Audiobooks that are not included in the subscription must be purchased using money or Audible credits.

Most audiobooks purchased on Audible require credit. Once the audiobook has been purchased, it is added to your library. These are the top ways to add more credits to your Audible Account.

1. 30-day free trial of Audible

Amazon offers a 30-day free trial of Audible. This includes one audiobook credit and 2 if you are an Amazon Prime member. This is a great way to find out if Audible is right for you and to learn how it works.

You will need to enter your payment details in order to sign up for the free trial. However, the payment won’t be taken until you have completed the free trial. Set a reminder so you don’t forget and you can cancel the plan at any time.

2. Optional Memberships with Audible

After the 30-day trial period, the basic subscription plan will be immediately charged. Audible used to offer Gold or Platinum subscriptions but they have since changed their service. These are the new plans:

  • Audible PLUS starts at $7.95 per month This option gives you access to Audible’s Plus library, which contains over 11,000 titles. Audible Plus doesn’t grant you any additional credits.
  • Audible Premium plus for $14.95 per month. Premium Plus gives you access to the Plus library and 1 credit per month.
  • Audible Premium Plus at $149.50 per year. This option gives you access to the Plus library and 12 audiobook credits.
  • Audible Premium Plus 2-credits for $22.95 per month This option, which is more expensive than the others, gives you 2 credits per month and access to the Plus library.
  • Audible Premium Plus 2-credits Annual at $229.50 per annum This option gives you access to the Plus library and 24 credits per annum.

3. Get More Credits

Although it may seem obvious, the best way to earn more credits on Audible by purchasing them. Audible offers a 3-credit bundle that will give you a discount if your credits run out. This deal is only available to members who have been members for at least 30 consecutive days.

The average 3-credit bundle costs $35 USD. This is typically less than the cost of most audiobooks. We recommend purchasing audiobooks directly, which is cheaper than most audiobooks. Credits can be saved for more expensive titles.

4. Get Special Deals

Audible may occasionally offer special deals on books or credits. Audible offers a 2-for-1 audiobook collection that allows you to purchase two audiobooks for the price of one credit. Although this doesn’t show you how to get credit on Audible, it will help spread your credits more!

5. Audio Challenges

Audible sometimes ofu uers challenges to their subscribers. They ran the Audible Challenge in 2020 which gave $20 Amazon credits to users who completed 3 audiobooks of less than three hours.

These promotions are not always offered by Audible. Keep an eye out for future Audible challenges.

6. Listen to Audiobooks for Free

Audible has a wide selection of audiobooks that are free. These audiobooks are available under Amazon Originals. Click on Browse and then Amazon Originals.

Audible also offers a number of free audiobooks and podcasts under Audible’s Free Listens.

Access to these Audiobooks is possible only if you have an Amazon account. You can always cancel your Amazon account if you don’t love it. These titles are free and you can listen to them as many times as you wish without having to use your credits. This will allow you to save credits for purchasing titles.

7. Promo Codes

Many authors who contribute to Audible’s library offer promo codes that allow them to increase their readership, receive reviews, and get feedback about their work. You can find these codes by following authors on social media and looking out for them in places that promote their work. You can listen to the audiobook free of charge without needing to use any credit.

Scroll down to find Promo Code. Simply add your code, then select Redeem.

Sometimes you might find a book that interests you if you search for Audible promo code. Reddit is a great place for this information!

Be an Audiobook Reviewer

Many websites allow audiobook authors and publishers to list promo codes in exchange for reviews on Audible (and others). Audiobookworm, Audio Freebies and Audiobooks Unleashed are some of these websites.

Every website is different, but you will usually choose an audiobook and be given a promo code. Then you will have a time frame and guidelines to provide a review once you’ve finished listening.

Although this does not show you how to earn more credits on Audible it is a great way for you to get free audiobooks if time permits! These audiobooks could be part of other apps, not just Audible.

You now know how to get more credits on Audible

Although it is easy to get more credits on Audible, it can be costly. If you can’t afford an Audible subscription, there are many alternatives. You can find many audiobooks at your local library, and maybe even subscriptions to Overdrive. You can access a large collection of audiobooks free of charge through Overdrive’s app.

If this fails, you can always download free audiobook apps from iTunes or Google Play Store. These are a great place for new books if you don’t have Audible.

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