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BEST Free Games on Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 is among the most well-known VR headsets in the market today due to its low price and wireless inside-out tracking. With a price of only $300, it is a steal. Oculus Quest 2 can handle the entire processing process on-device. It means gamers don’t need a piece of expensive gaming equipment to enjoy virtual reality.

While $300 is less expensive than other models available but it’s still quite a bit of money. It’s good to know that there are plenty of games for free on the Oculus Store as well as Steam. These are among the most popular games for free on Oculus Quest 2.

The top free Games on Oculus Quest 2

Looking for an amazing VR experience that won’t cost you a dime? Take a look at the VR games.

Rec Room


Rec Room is among the best multiplayer games available that are available on the Oculus Store. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with players from other games and take part in diverse games, ranging in basketball, paintball, and more. You can create your avatar and compete with other players in competitive social games.

A lot of the games available that are available on Rec Room were created by users and you will have plenty to play. It is also possible to join with other players on VR headsets such as HTC Vive and the Valve Index. HTC Vive and the Valve Index.

Echo VR

BEST Free Games on Oculus Quest 2

Imagine playing high-stakes Frisbee in a zero-gravity environment, only that your movement is by throwing yourself at obstacles, and using hand-held thrusters to adjust micro-adjustments of your movements. Echo VR is – a Frisbee game that is competitive, in which you must throw the Frisbee over the goal, and prevent your player from scoring.

Echo VR takes full advantage of virtual reality by immersing you in surroundings that are distinct, from the motion to the images. The game is free to play however you can purchase real money to gain access to the battle pass and collect cosmetic items.

Gorilla Tag


It’s true that the Oculus Store isn’t just filled with games that are officially licensed. By using the App Lab it is possible to download no-cost games created by users. Gorilla Tag is one of these games. It’s exactly what it’s sounded is: a game played in the form of a tag except that you’re an animal and then move across the ground using your arms and hands.

Gorilla Tag makes for a great workout. After just a few rounds you’ll feel the burn much more than in games such as Beat Saber. It is possible to play for up to 3 people or participate in an infection-based game mode with at least four players. If you’re the only uninfected gorilla, and the rest of the game is trying to chase you, it can be an exhilarating adventure.



Elixir is a brief but entertaining trip through a fantastical world in which you aid the sorceress with daily tasks in her tower. While it’s an enjoyable game, it’s actually more of a demonstration of hand-held tracking. It doesn’t require an Oculus controller to play the game. Simply play using your hands and enjoy the game.

The gameplay involves playing with magical objects around the tower to accomplish various tasks. For instance, you could use a potion to transform your hands into the legs of an octopus. Hand tracking is so precise that you could even write the form with your own name.



VRChat is widely recognized as to be among the top VR experiences, however, it’s an interactive VR experience and not one that is a game. It’s a virtual chatroom in which you can connect with other people and chat or watch films, for example. It’s also among the most bizarre sites to be found on the web.

VRChat includes games in It, though they’re mini-games intended to be a social experience. As with Rec Room, much of the content is created by users which means you’ll discover everything from scary game to puzzles. It is possible to sit in the space station and have conversations. VRChat is a game that works across platforms. Oculus users experience a limited experience unless you connect your computer via Air Link or with a cable and then play the VR version on a PC.

PokerStars VR


If you are a fan of poker (or cards in general) you should consider checking out PokerStars VR. Although the avatars of the players can be a bit snarky it offers realistic settings as well as authentic poker experiences. It is a great way to make friends with other players or simply to have a chat with your acquaintances.

It’s among the most played Oculus Games called Quest. Some players stream live poker events such as Poker World Series. Poker World Series and play games of their own watching the pros work.

First Contact


First Contact is one of the first games users who are new to the game should download. It introduces players to Meta Quest 2 controls and will show you how to play everything including running, making use of the touchscreen controllers, and much more.

First Contact is largely inspired by the 80s. This means it’s a blast from the past for old-school gamers, as well as a trip through a simpler time for those who are newer to gaming.

Epic Roller Coasters


Epic Roller Coasters puts you on the roller coasters without having to leave the comfort of your home. It’s a fantastic option to explore themed parks without the expense (or the adrenaline rush that comes with riding an actual roller coaster.) Epic Roller Coasters is free to download, however, you can purchase in-app purchases if you’d like to unlock more rides.

Where to find more free Oculus Quest Games

The Oculus Store is a great site to discover free games. There are many gratis App Lab games that are in different levels of production. The free VR games are simple to find, however, the quality may be variable with certain. However, if you’re searching for the best VR fishing game or an alternative to costly games such as Space Pirate Trainer, App Lab is a good place to go.

It is possible to load games via App Lab directly on your Quest by purchasing the app from the store however if you discover a game that is compatible with a different platform such as Oculus Rift that you want to put on the Quest it is possible that you will be able to install it using an app like Sidequest. However, the majority of games that are available to PlayStation VR users are only accessible on PSVR which means that it’s not possible to play them on Quest 2.

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