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A majority of people utilize streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu to watch TV and filmsIt’s a great choice as long you’ve got an account and don’t have to switch it off.

If you’re hoping to download your films or TV shows free of charge onto your Android device to stream later, you may prefer to switch from streaming services to one of these Android applications.

These apps let you enjoy your favorite TV shows in offline mode and for no cost. This is very useful when you’re traveling or when you forget when you last renewed your Netflix subscription.



Ideal for: watching old films on your phone.

YouTube is among the apps on the Android device, meaning that you don’t need to download or install any additional software to begin watching your favorite movies.

YouTube offers a wide selection of films. However, the majority are old films uploaded to YouTube from production firms as well as films by independent filmmakers who post their work on the company’s own YouTube channels.

If you’re looking to watch films that don’t target an audience of mass appeal, YouTube is a great starting point. While you can watch the most popular films on YouTube too but you’ll need to pay a rental cost to download or view the films.


is ideal for Netflix viewers.


If you’re an avid Netflix lover and want to get used to Kflix shouldn’t take a lot of time. This no-cost movie and TV downloader function as an unlocked version of Netflix. The interface and search feature are similar to those of Netflix as well as Amazon Prime, you just have to type in the name of the movie or show you’re looking for and follow the link to download it at no cost on your Android.

All films come in multiple downloading links. So you can select the desired quality and size.


Ideal for: People who want to watch films and shows that aren’t available on Netflix.

Are you constantly trying to search Netflix for that particular movie only to be disappointed that it’s not accessible on the platform? Tubi is a download for movies app with a separate section dedicated to movies that are not available Available on Netflix.



In addition, Tubi also offers an excellent selection of movies for free that are free to download onto your Android and stream at HD quality. The app also has new films added to the collection every week.

Tubi is easy to use and comes with options such as bookmarking movies you enjoy and making a queue of your own to keep watching them later. It is compatible with Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV, which lets you watch films you love on larger screens.

Cinema HD

Ideal for: No annoying pop-up advertisements within the application.

Cinema HD is a popular streaming application that lets you download films to watch them locally on an Android device. The major advantage it has over similar apps is that it does not display annoying pop-up ads you must navigate through to enjoy your favorite films.


Cinema HD supports HD quality However, you are able to select any resolution for downloading movies. There are many foreign-language films that you can stream with subtitles. The only issue is Cinema HD isn’t always available to download through the Play Store. Play Store, so you may need first download an APK file and put it on your phone by hand.

Free HD Movies

Ideal to: An extensive selection of books, and the app is quite reliable.

This app offers a great selection of both old and new films, The quality and quality of films is top-notch. It also is awash with excellent reviews and this is a rarity in the case of many of the free apps for watching movies available on Google Play. Google Play store.


You can download any film onto your device to enjoy offline watching. Additionally, there is a great search feature to assist you in finding movies to enjoy.

Most of the content available on Free HD Movies is available in HD quality and includes subtitles in a wide range of languages.


The best choice for Movies to watch in 4K resolution.

Vudu is an app that is free to stream and download TV and films. It provides a huge selection of TV and film shows that you can stream online and download for later viewing on your Android device. Although the app is free to download and install, however, you’ll need to sit through some ads before you are able to download the content.vudu

But, it’s worth it for the audio and video quality that Vudu offers. The most appealing feature of Vudu is the capability to stream your most loved movies in breathtaking HD 4K. It also comes with Dolby Sound HDR, a sound format, which will make sure you have a great time watching your TV.


Ideal for: Speedy streaming and downloading speed.

Crackle is another excellent choice in the field of movie downloaders. It has all the typical features such as a user-friendly interface, easy search feature as well as a huge selection of free films and TV shows that you can watch. Since the app is completely free to download, there is periodic advertisements, but it’s not intrusive in any manner.crackle

Once you’ve logged into the app, it will ask you to answer a couple of questions. It will also provide you with an array of personal movie recommendations if aren’t sure what you’d like to watch next. Crackle has amazing streaming speeds and downloads speeds too. If you don’t want to or cannot spend time wasting time then this application could be the right choice for you.


Ideal for: Incorporation with various services like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

VidMate is a no-cost streaming and downloading application which lets you stream a wide range of the latest films and classics. Two points about the app that you should keep in mind: the selection of films is different based on the region you reside in as well as it is the case that VidMate isn’t accessible on the Google Play Store. You’ll have first to download an APK application from its website before using the service.


The thing that helps VidMate stand out from other applications on this list is the capability to stream and download content on other platforms, like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion in addition to Instagram along with SoundCloud.

Watch Your Favorite Movies Online & Offline

There are a plethora of streaming apps that you can use to locate and enjoy your most loved television and movies. Consider answering a few fundamental questions prior to deciding on the best app for you. Are you searching for an application to stream movies on the internet or download the movies? What’s more important to you: the quality of the video or download speed or the user-friendly interface?

Once you’ve identified the type of information you’re seeking look through our list of programs and perhaps try a few for a test before choosing which one to choose to stick with.

What software do you use to download movies and TV shows? Did it make our list? Let us know your experiences using streaming and movie app services in the comment section below.

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