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It’s not just a novelty Google Maps is a useful tool that everyone knows about. Google Maps Street view can seem like a novelty to many people.

It’s impossible to be more wrong. Google Maps Street view has many practical applications. These ideas will help you save time, reduce stress, and let you travel from your home.

1. Google Maps StreetView to Discover Vacation Spots

Imagine your family is planning a vacation to the Smoky Mountain National Park in Tennessee. There are many wonderful places to shop and hike. How do you choose the best?

You could rely on Google Reviews and Local Guides but why not go to the places you are interested in before you go?

Google Maps can be used to locate the place you wish to visit. Switch to Satellite View, and zoom in on the location, including all the restaurants and other attractions. Drag the Street View icon (the yellow person in the middle) onto the map at your street location.

Once you are on the street, use the arrows for a quick trip back and forth. You can click and drag the mouse to see all the attractions that you might visit once you get there.

It can be frustrating to put restaurants and attractions on your travel itinerary, but when you arrive in the area it is terrible. Street View allows you to explore your vacation spot in advance so that your family can enjoy exciting and enjoyable environments.

2. View History to See How Places Changed

Google has been sending its camera-equipped vehicles all over the globe for years. Google has a large collection of historic photos from many locations.

Street View allows you to select the small icon under the address. Under past photos, you’ll find a slider bar. Slide the slider bar back to the year that you would like to see, then click on the photo to zoom in.

This is an excellent way for local historians to look at how different places have changed over the years. It’s a great way for politicians and town administrators to see how investments in local towns have impacted the community, either positively or negatively.

History View is a tool for environmentalists that allows you to see how clearcutting and other commercial interests have affected the natural landscape over time.

However, you cannot predict the season Google captured its photos. Comparing things such as the natural landscape between photos can prove more challenging if they are taken at different seasons.

3. Discover the Neighborhood of Your Future Apartment

It is difficult to find an apartment. It is important to ensure that the apartment features you choose are relevant to your needs. It is important to pay the right price. It is also crucial to support the local economy and schools.

One thing you won’t be able to see is the appearance of the neighborhood around your apartment.

Google Maps Street View is a great tool for this.


Enter the address of the apartment you are interested in, then drag the Street View icon onto a map.

Street View allows you to explore the neighborhood and provides many insights that you won’t find in an apartment listing.

  • Are the streets and sidewalks in your neighborhood maintained in a good condition?
  • Are you seeing older cars and garbage outside of your local homes?
  • How do the streets look from the perspective of residents? Is the neighborhood dangerous?
  • Is the exterior of your apartment building or home in good condition?

It’s amazing how much information Google Maps Street View can provide about your future rental choices.

4. Enjoy breathtaking views without using gas

Amazing views are all over the globe, waiting to be seen. You could rent a car, hotel or airfare to enjoy these views. You could also type the address and enjoy those breathtaking views from your couch.

Although this is not the best way to travel, it’s a great option after a stressful day at work. Street View can be used to drive the famous Kancamagus Highway through the New Hampshire White Mountains. You can also explore California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains.

If you prefer the ocean, you can take a scenic drive on the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway.

As you coast along Google Maps Street View, watch the seagulls fly, the waves break, and the sunshine.

The only thing that is missing is the ocean smell coming through your windows.

5. Google Maps Street View – Explore abandoned places

Exploration is what you are looking for? Then Google Maps Street View may be the right tool to help you explore abandoned locations.

There are many historic towns scattered around the globe that have been lost to the ravages of time. In abandoned towns such as Thurmond, West Virginia, you can find old brick and stone banks or jailhouses that were visited only by ghosts from the past.

You can also travel to Scotland and visit the ruin of Eilean Donan Castle, Loch Dutch.

There are many abandoned castles, asylums, and prisons that you can see.

Street View is a great tool for exploring abandoned areas, but it requires some detective work.

If you are able to locate the location, Google Maps Street View will allow you to drive past and get a look. You might be able to find photos of the actual location from other people who have left them on Google Maps so you can get a closer look.

6. Find Trailheads Before Going Hiking

Finding the right trailhead is one of the worst parts of being an avid hiker. You don’t want to waste an entire morning looking for the trailhead at the base of a mountain.

You’ll most likely find several trailhead locations (where you will usually find a lot) right on Google Maps.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to switch to Google Maps Street View to explore the area until you find a trail, especially if the trail isn’t very popular.

Street View allows you to “drive around” virtually in order to locate the location before you spend your morning searching for it.

After you have located the location, click and drag your mouse to move left or right and find a parking spot. After you are satisfied, click on the red marker icon to mark the address on Google Maps.

You can save the location to your Favorite Places List so that you can find it on your phone while you’re driving.

7. Augmented Reality Walking Directions with Live View

Although it’s not exactly “Street View”, you can see the same view from your phone, along with directions to get there.

This is “Live View”, which is a real-time augmented reality alternative to Street View.

Open the Google Maps app, and click on the three lines to access the menu. Scroll down to Settings, and then select Navigational Setting. Walking Directions will be at the bottom of this menu. Turn on detailed voice guidance.

Live View will now launch when you are in Google Maps. You can choose walking to be your mode of transport.

8. You Can Travel Internationally on a Budget of $0

Do you long to see the Louvre in Paris, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Beaches at Normandy, or the Louvre in Paris?

Google Maps Street View allows you to access all these incredible places without having to pay thousands of dollars for a flight.

Follow the same steps as above. Enter the location in Google Maps and place the Live View icon as near as possible to it. To explore every direction, press and hold the mouse button.

It will amaze you at all the amazing places that you can visit around the globe. Even if you don’t think you will be able to get close enough for a good view, you’ll find that previous tourists have taken amazing photos and tagged the location on Google Maps.

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