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7 Zoom Tests to Perform Before Your Next Meeting

The ability to connect with colleagues through an app such as Zoom is now the norm However, most people are only just becoming accustomed to it.

Although group video chat has been in use for a long time, there’s a high possibility that you’ve never had a reason to utilize it. This requires you to learn a new set of rules for etiquette and technical skills.

It’s good to know that you aren’t worried about bad breath any longer However, you’ll need to conduct some of the Zoom tests prior to the next meeting you attend.

Prepare Your Environment

Although you might not be located in the same physical area as colleagues in the same space, Zoom brings all of your separate spaces. Also, any issue in the environment may create an issue for the meeting. What kinds of issues can you expect to encounter? It all depends on your individual circumstances, however, here are some key suggestions:

  • Be sure your space is sufficiently illuminated.
  • If possible, select the location that has access control, such as an entrance that is locked.
  • Make sure you choose a space that isn’t too susceptible to echos. A room with carpet or thick drapes, as well as comfortable furniture, is generally a good idea.
  • Be sure to check the area for noise sources. Beeping devices, a loud fan, or any other issue similar to this could irritate the nerves of attendees.
  • Review the framing of the video stream closely. Are there any objects that are inappropriate or distracting? Take into consideration moving the place you are sitting or moving the objects away from the way.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, so be sure to look around the surroundings you’ll be using for the Zoom meeting and consider what could cause issues.

Consider Using a Virtual Background

Zoom gives you the option to transform your background into an alternative one. It’s the same process as every “green screen” setup, however, you don’t require a green screen. If your background is uniform in hue and evenly lit, you’ll get great results. The background you create doesn’t need to be flawless, but it is possible to try it out using its Zoom settings to ensure it’s working for you.

If you’re not seeing great results, you could try lighting your background more evenly or invest in an animated green screen. There are some really cool options such as the web around the green screen that is mounted to a chair which makes it easy to cover the entire frame of your camera.

Have A Note-Taking Solution

This is a tip for preparing which is applicable to real-life gatherings too, but you need some form of note-taking device. It could be a pen and paper, a tablet that has a pen, or even a phone with an integrated keyboard.

Certain Zoom meetings are recorded. In that case, you do not have to keep notes to be used later in the meeting has concluded. Notes are more helpful to organize your questions and feedback. It’s the way of Zoom meetings that you won’t have a lot of time to talk when it’s your turn. Making notes will help to make the most of your time.

Check That Your Screen Is Appropriate To Share

If you intend to share your screen with other people during the meeting, or not, you should be prepared to share it at any time. What is this? Be sure that your wallpaper is suitable for work. It’s better to switch your wallpaper using one of the Windows available options. Shut down any application that is open that displays sensitive or private information.

If you’re planning to use the web browser, it’s a good idea to switch off automatic search completion or choose an alternative portable browser that doesn’t have any of your history of searches. The most important thing is for the search terms you’ve used at your own leisure to be displayed on the display for all to view.

Run an Internet Speed Test

After you’ve located a suitable location for your meeting, and you’ve prepared the space, verify that your internet connection is sufficient. Conduct the Internet speed test and determine if your internet is fast enough for taking part in the Zoom meeting.

The minimum requirement for the Zoom group video call is around 1 Mbps bandwidth. This is in both directions. It is essential to have a high bandwidth upstream in video chats. If your internet isn’t fast enough in sending data, it’s going to have an impact on the experience for all other participants. Ideally, you should have 3Mbps both ways to ensure top-quality HD streaming video.

7 Zoom Tests to Perform Before Your Next Meeting

If speed tests show that your internet connection isn’t as quick as it is supposed to be, you’ll need to investigate the issue with your internet speed. This involves ensuring there’s enough WiFi signal and ensuring that you’re not at a dead end. Read our guide to improving the speed of WiFi internet. You may also consider making use of an Ethernet cable when it’s possible.

Make Sure Your Webcam and Microphone Are Working

Here’s the most crucial test to take before you start your Zoom meeting: ensuring that your webcam and microphone are working. This is what you must do:

  • Connect your microphone and webcam
  • If you are prompted, you may need to install drivers or software to support the devices. It is usually a plug-and-play experience.
  • Open Zoom
  • Choose the settings button
  • Select Video
  • Select the appropriate camera from the drop-down menu If applicable, select the appropriate webcam.
  • Look at the preview to see whether it’s good (or in the event that it doesn’t appear in any way)
  • Change other settings, for example, HD Quality, etc. to fit your requirements
  • Select Audio
  • Make sure that the right audio device is chosen for both the Microphone and Speaker.
  • Select the Test Audio Speaker along with test the Microphone each time to verify that they’re working.

It is also recommended that you check the checkbox “Mute my microphone when joining a meeting” as it’s proper manners. Additionally, it will prevent the possibility of speaking something you do not want participants in the meeting to hear, simply because you didn’t turn off your microphone.

For complete Zoom setup instructions you can refer to How to Set Up and Utilize Zoom – Is it Better than Skype? for expert advice.

If your webcam doesn’t work check out Quick Fixes for When Zoom Meeting Cameras Aren’t working to fix the issue within a matter of minutes.

Join a Test Meeting

The final step in the procedure before you join the Zoom gathering is to contact your Zoom Test Meeting service. Go to then follow the steps. You’ll be able to check that all of your equipment is working as well as whether you’re sounding good to other attendees at the conference. If you experience issues with your microphone or camera there, you’ll need to review the checklist of tests above for a second time to pinpoint the issue.

Learn how to capture the recording of a Zoom conference. Also, you can learn how to organize the Zoom gathering.

Technical Problems Happen, Then Life Happens

We’re hoping that the Zoom meeting went smoothly and without a single glitch But the one thing to remember is that certain things are beyond your control. There’s no planning or backups you could implement to be certain that your meeting goes off without an issue. There are always technical issues and it is best to just go with the possibility of them.

It’s the same even for things that aren’t technological. If your cat gets onto your desk, and then blocks it that’s the way it is. It’s nothing to get worked up about. We’re all human beings, and we’re all in a strange situation at the moment. So relax, have fun with your meeting, and be confident that you’ve done everything you could to conduct the proper Zoom tests prior to the meeting. All you have to do is figure out how to fool yourself into paying attention during the Zoom call.

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