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Wearable tech is continually making new products that seek to simplify your everyday activities. Wearable electronics aren’t only focused on wearables or wearable fitness devices that measure your pulse. Modern wearable technology goes further than providing users with health tips providing enhanced turn-by-turn directions, as well as detecting the intensity of UV radiation while taking a dip in the sun.

Are you wondering what wearable gadgets you must keep an eye on in 2022? Here are the top wearable electronics you can put today. You can order the majority of the items in this listing from Amazon.

1. Smart Rings

The most fundamental but useful smart wearables you can buy this year is an intelligent ring. If you’re someone who has to spend long hours at work or at school and don’t wish to stare at your phone’s display every time you receive an alert This is the perfect small accessory for your needs.

If you have a smart ring you will receive notifications without attracting attention. It is also possible to make use of a smart ring to make contactless transactions and even to unlock or open your front door, or even your vehicle. Also, you don’t have to worry about having to charge your smart ring since they come with a longer battery life.

There are many smart rings in the marketplace. Here are some smart rings we found especially attractive.

NFC OPN Smart Ring


Its NFC OPN ring is waterproof and lets you manage your smartphone apps (works with iOS as well as Android) It can make doors lockable and unlocked, send data and even manage your contactless transactions. It’s not as advanced as the Apple watch however, it’s smaller and does not require charging. It’s available for purchase for less than $20 on the official website.

Our Smart Ring

If you are looking for stylish rings with a unique design, check out The Oura ring. It is equipped with the ability to monitor your heart rate in real-time as well as temperature sensors, sleep detection, as well as activity analysis. Oura’s smart ring works with Apple Health and Google Fit So if you’ve been looking to get rid of your smartphone for something lighter and stylish, now is a perfect time. Because Oura is a top intelligent ring, it’s quite as costly as its competitors. It’s possible to purchase the latest generation 3 Oura ring for $299.

2. Smart Glasses

Did you grew up watching or reading science fiction in which the main character put a pair of glasses and is able to see an LCD with information regarding their environment? If so, wearing a pair of sophisticated glasses is a must-have item for you.

Smart glasses have small computers that process data and show the results in real-time. They do this so that only you, the wearer – view the information. Many smart glasses can connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth and display incoming calls as well as offer GPS directions, or many others. However, other glasses can enhance your life substantial way thanks to the AR or virtual real-time capabilities.

Ray-Ban Stories


Ray-Ban Stories can be described as a joint project between Ray-Ban as well as Meta (formerly called Facebook). These are smart glasses that let users to record everything around them via photo or video. Ray-Ban Stories aren’t virtual reality-capable but they do come with a pair of cameras, speakers as well as a touchscreen. These glasses allow you to capture short video clips lasting between 30 and 60 seconds. You can also snap photographs, make calls as well as play songs. All in a classic Ray-Ban style.

If you see this device from a different angle the smart glasses turn into the equivalent of creepy spy glasses that permit Facebook to collect even more information. If you don’t mind, however, you can purchase the Ray-Ban Stories for $299 from the official website.

3. Smart Clothing equipped with Sensors

A new update to the smart wearables category is smart clothing. These clothing are equipped with sensors that can measure different metrics about your body. They also alert you when something’s off or isn’t in accordance.

Levi’s Trucker Jacket by Google


It initially appears like a typical trucker jacket from Levi’s however, it’s actually a brand new wearable device. Because of Google integration, you’ll be able to wear this jacket with your phone to control the music, phone calls or even find directions when you’re out and about.

The jacket is connected to your mobile through Bluetooth and can be linked using Android or iOS. According to Levi’s this garment is water-resistant. Additionally, it is equipped with a battery lifespan of approximately 14 days of regular usage.

Smart Swimwear by

Another great illustration of smart clothes is the connected swimwear from They have swimsuits, caps, and swimming goggles with trackers for swimming that replace your Fitbit, and also perform fitness tracking while swimming.

This wearable smart device is waterproof, doesn’t need charging, and lets you keep track of your swimming activity without your hands. It’s not necessary to start or activate your tracker for swimming; it will automatically do it once you begin swimming. Since you won’t wear any additional wristbands, wearing connected swimming wear will help decrease drag forces and improve the flow of water around your body.

4. Smart Earphones

Smart wearables aren’t just activity trackers. Some are designed to lower your stress levels and help you get better sleeping patterns. If you’re struggling to sleep take a look at a headset that serves the same functions like your normal headphones and earbuds in one.

Bose Sleepbuds II


Sleepbuds II by Bose isn’t really headphones as they don’t play your most-loved Spotify tracks. They instead play soothing tracks and instrumentals that aid you in falling asleep faster and better sleep through the night. You can choose from the default set of sounds or download additional ones by downloading the Bose Sleep sound library.

Bose says they have a sleep system that has been scientifically proven to help you sleep better. You can utilize an exercise tracker or smartwatch that has sleep tracking capabilities to test if it’s real.

5. Medical Wearables

smart medical devices are the most popular type of wearable electronic device today. While Fitbit can be sufficient to help people reach their fitness goals or for achieving their life goals for some but even the top smartwatch won’t be able to keep track of your blood oxygen levels, blood pressure or hydration levels. Medical wearables are in the early stages of development but it’s evident that they can improve the lives of many people, and can be used for a variety of purposes within the health care field.

IQbuds Max by Nuheara


An ear-worn device that helps improve hearing can be an ideal present for the hearing impaired techie in your family. IQbuds from Nuheara is among the most well-known hearing aids that blend hearing aids with entertainment functions.

IQbuds let you customize how you experience your surroundings with active noise cancellation and high-quality audio. You can improve the sound quality of the earbuds you use and build your own personal hearing profile with the Nuheara IQbuds app , which is made available on both iPhones and Android smartphones.

6. Smart Helmets

No matter if you’re a professional athlete, or an avid cycling (or skiing) fanatic wearing a quality helmet will provide you with an optimum level of security (you cannot be 100% secure when you’re doing extreme sports, obviously). A good helmet will enhance the experience of riding and help make the ride not just safer, but more comfortable.

Faro Smart Helmet by UNIT 1


Faro is a sophisticated helmet that can help keep you well-visible when you’re on the road. The Faro helmet is equipped with powerful rear and front lights that you can customize and add animations to help you be more visible on the road. The Faro helmet also responds to ambient lighting, senses different weather conditions, and adjusts the lights automatically to provide the best light visibility.

The wearable also has the ability to automatically turn off and on brake and turn signals and track your journeys. Its Faro intelligent helmet is waterproof and features a vital Fall detection function. If the sensors of the helmet detect the possibility of falling, it makes its Bluetooth connectivity connect with your phone to trigger an alarm. If you fail to respond after the time limit the helmet will notify your emergency contacts by providing the location of your current location. Other wearable devices that have similar features include the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4, and onwards.

7. Biosensors

Biosensors are perhaps the most technologically advanced technology in the field of wearable electronic devices. The possibilities of using them are endless However, they’re used mainly to monitor health and fitness on a personalized basis. Biosensors are electronic gadgets that are portable that incorporate sensors inside your body to allow data collection, recording, and calculations using portable and mobile devices.

Biosensors are of great application in monitoring patients (or self-monitoring) since they can continually and automatically measure the patient’s vital indicators including body posture, posture, steps count, detect falls, and much more.

QuardioCore Wearable ECG EKG Monitor


QuardioCore is an electronic heart monitor that wears a strap that can aid in monitoring the health of your heart. The ECG captures your heart’s rhythm and transmits it to your doctor. In addition to helping you control your heart disease, This ECG could be used to help improve your exercise routine.

What New Wearables Will You be Getting in 2022?

It’s just a matter of time before everything that we use will become some kind of gadget. Wearable technology companies like Fitbit, Apple, Samsung, Garmin, Microsoft, Xiaomi, and many others are creating a new market that combines medical and digital.

Which wearables on this list do you want to try this year? Maybe we have missed some intriguing wearables? Discuss your thoughts about the latest and most innovative wearable tech in the comment section below.


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