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7 Best Nintendo Switch Skins To Buy

The simple, plain colors of the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles might be a turnoff for some. There are many Nintendo Switch skins that you can purchase to make your Switch stand out.

These Switch skins may not be compatible with the Switch’s adhesive. Many people found out that the adhesive used by companies to attach skins to the Switch would cause the paint to come off.

There are many brands that now use safe adhesive material for your Switch console. These are the best Nintendo Switch skins that you can purchase now.

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Controller Gear Super Mario Bros.

Controller Gear Super Mario Bros


These skins are licensed by Nintendo. This option allows you to select from 37 skins that represent Nintendo’s most popular franchise. You can choose from skins for Mario’s outfit, Mario Kart and Yoshi.

These Nintendo Switch skins can be removed easily with minimal residue. You can even change the colors as often as you like. If you want your Switch to match your holiday decor, there are Christmas-themed skins available.

The skin set includes a screen protector that you can stick to your Switch.

Controller Gear Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild

Controller Gear Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild

The same company also produces great Switch skins for Zelda lovers. The screen and joy controls are simple, while the artwork for the Switch dock is included. It is licensed by Nintendo so you can be sure it will not cause any damage to your Switch.

This company also makes many other designs based on Zelda. One can be based on Breath Of The Wild’s Sheikah Slate or one that is inspired by the classic Nintendo NES Legend Zelda video game. All of these skins include protective plastic screen protectors.

Controller Gear Pokémon


It’s no surprise that Pokemon is another well-known Nintendo franchise. You can choose from 28 skin sets under the brand’s Pokemon designs. These include art from the starters of the first Pokemon game and many Pikachu skins.

If you prefer something simple and patterned, there are plenty of options. You can also choose from bright, bold artwork if your preference is more striking.

Skinit Spider-Man Face


Skinit is another good brand that can work well with the Nintendo Switch. Skinit offers a wide range of licensed skins, including this Spider-Man Switch skin. This decal uses a 3M adhesive that is specifically designed for the Switch to ensure it doesn’t damage the console.

The design is simple and clean, but bright colors will make your Switch stand out. If Marvel is not your style, however, this Batman-themed Switch is also available from the brand, which has been officially licensed by Warner Bros.

Taifond Galaxy


This galaxy-themed skin design is a great choice if you are looking for a lot of colors. You can also choose from 21 different designs, including some bright geometric patterns.

The set includes skins to cover every part of your Switch. It also includes a screen protector and a tempered screen cover, for extra security. This skin’s adhesive is made specifically for the Switch. It can be applied and removed easily without leaving any residue.

DecalGirl Electrify Ice Blue

There are many other minimalistic designs that you can choose from for your Switch. This Nintendo Switch skin features a simple design and rich colors that give your console a watercolor appearance. The stickers can be applied quickly and easily by avoiding air bubbles.


The skin is precisely cut to fit the Switch, so there should be no interference with the Switch’s wireless capabilities and buttons. These skins can be easily removed and reapplied if you apply the skin incorrectly.

DecalGirl white marble


DecalGirl offers quality marble-looking skins that look like marble for the Switch if you prefer a more muted and elegant design. The application is very simple and covers all the joy-cons, dock, and screen front of the Switch.

This brand makes skins in a similar design, but with some pastel colors. You can choose from a pink Blush Marble or a blue Atlantic Marble skin.

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