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6 Best Sites to Play Scattergories Online

Most of us are familiar with Scattergories the game that was played at parties created by Milton Bradley in 1988. You’ve probably seen it on shelves in the game section of the stores but did you know that you can as well enjoy Scattergories online? The option of playing Scattergories online rather than in person allows you to play with other players regardless of where they live and so long as you have an Internet connection.

We’ll give you six of the top websites that allow you to play any number of games of Scattergories online as you’d like. The best part is that these websites and apps are all free, though some of them offer in-app purchases, or include advertisements.

Scattergories is still popular throughout the years due to the fact that it’s enjoyable and simple to learn and great for players between the ages of 12 and. However, your smarter child will probably be a fan, too.)

How Scattergories Online Works

The gameplay might differ between versions, generally speaking, here’s what happens for online play.


  • Players can join in a private or public room.
  • The moment the game starts when the game begins, the app or website will show players a list of categories as well as an initial letter.
  • Every participant must come up with words that begin with the letter ‘C’ that falls within the category and within the limitation (usually 2 minutes). For instance, let’s choose the category “Animals” and the first letter ‘C’. You can pick “cat” or “cheetah.” If no one else picks the same word in one of the categories, you’re awarded one point!

Benefits of Playing Scattergories Online

The online game can take a lot of the hassle of playing the strategy game such as Scattergories. It all depends on the app or website you are using the game will:

  • Offer private and public game rooms where you can play games with your colleagues or even strangers
  • Track time limits and notify you when the time has expired.
  • Automatically score every round automatically.
  • Provide a chat room to allow you to communicate with other players

If you’re looking to play online with family, friends, or even strangers, there are several options to pick from. Here are the top websites and applications for playing online Scattergories.

1. Scattergories and Scattergories Blitz by Magmic Inc.

Magmic Inc. has the Scattergories mobile app market monopolized. Hasbro is currently the owner of the Scattergories trademark as well Magmic has their approval therefore, they are the only official mobile applications for Scattergories.


Magmic has come up with two different games:

  • Scattergories lets you play the game of classics with your random opponents or friends. You can select between standard gameplay or head-to-head competition.01MagmicScattergories

    Magmic’s Scattergories app is now available on Android as well as iOS.

  • Scattergories Blitz. Consider this in terms of Scattergories with no initial requirement of a letter. Instead, you want to include as many things within a specific category as you can. As an example, you may be asked to name the most popular superhero teams as you can. For instance, Batman & Robin or the Fantastic Five. Join Facebook or join as an uninvited guest.

    Get this app for the Android app or the iOS application.


The site offers Scattergories for more than a dozen languages at no cost. This is a fantastic method to increase the quality of your international vocabulary!


  • You can pick game categories prior to starting along with the number of rounds and the players.
  • You’ll be matched up with other players from around the world and you may also choose to include a robot as an extra player, or invite friends to join by sharing the game’s URL.
  • After you’ve played your initial round you’ll get the other participants who have entered.
  • You can then challenge the validity of any of their claims. The results you confirm will lead you to the next round or the game’s results in the case that you won the game in the final round.
  • It’s not the prettiest website, but it has some ads however, they aren’t too distracting.

This site is mirrored at the URL


In conjunction with Zoom or an online meeting platform, you prefer This free and ad-free website is ideal to play Scattergories online.

  • First to launch a Zoom meeting.
  • A person will then visit this site and then displays their screen to ensure that everyone is able to see the same list of categories.
  • Designate a person to be the timekeeper.
  • The user sharing the screen clicks Play, and you’re done.
  • When the time has come to an end everybody shares their answers.
  • If another person has provided the same answer in a particular category, neither you will receive one point.04Swellgarfo

The website has a simple, modern design however, if you don’t like it then you can go to an alternative version. older version instead.

4. Really.Boring.Website

The lower right-hand corner in the footer of the Swellgarfo website is an option that will take you to Play Online (BETA). Selecting it will take you to really. boring. websites/lobbies where you can join or create a public or private room to play Scattergories online.


The free website offers a chat area and also shows the rulebook to allow everyone to be able to agree to the guidelines. The layout is pretty and allows groups that can be as large as 24!


Play Scattergories online on StopotS Web, Android, or iOS apps. All apps are free, however, they come with advertisements. It is possible to play without registration or log in with Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Create a game or join a group and begin playing instantly. Chat in-game lets you quickly communicate with other players.


The game is easy to play The app seamlessly plays players through all phases of the game from answering questions to checking the answers.


The site is designed for youngsters who are studying English as an additional language, however, it’s perfect for anyone looking to participate in Scattergories online. Similar to Swellgarfo, you’ll have to join a Zoom chat to play against other players.


Choose a person who will visit this website and share their screen. After you click on”game” click the “Choose a letter” button and begin the timer it will start the game. Once the time is up the participants share their answers. Then, you keep track of the scores as usual.

Get Your Brain Working

Categories don’t have to be the only online game available that will challenge your brain. Rediscover Tetris, chess, or play some of these game rooms to stimulate different areas in your mind. It is possible that you are enthralled by the sensation of excitement and fulfillment You may even find yourself feeling less anxious. Go for it!

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