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5 Reasons Why Sad Films Are Popular to Viewers

A recent study examined the extent to which people think about their loved ones when watching sad films. It found that the more often viewers thought of their loved ones, the happier they felt. In contrast, viewers who focused their thoughts on themselves were less happy. The study is the first to examine the psychology behind why people enjoy sad films.

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happiness begins in San Francisco, where Will Smith plays Chris Gardner, a salesman who lives with his wife, Thandiwe Newton, and son Christopher (Smith’s actual son Jaden). Chris is a perpetual optimist and is determined to provide a better life for his son and his family. As Chris and Linda attempt to make ends meet, they become increasingly worried about money.

The Pursuit of Happiness is a movie that makes you want to cry. It’s a powerful and inspiring story of self-help, but the scenes of homelessness are hard to watch. In the end, Chris Gardner improves his life by bringing everything he owns to work. He works, talks to clients, and makes contact with people he’s met along the way.

The Way We Were

A sappy film with irony is The Way We Were. It is an ironic love story involving a wealthy movie director and his beautiful, intelligent wife. Robert Redford plays the title role, and Barbara Streisand plays his wife, Katie. Both are well-known for their work, and the film’s ironic tone makes it all the more appealing. In the film, a pregnant teen from rural Pennsylvania travels to New York City for an abortion. While there, she meets two men who treat her like s***. The movie is heartbreaking enough to bring tears to one’s eyes.

Marley & Me

Marley & Me

Marley & Me isn’t a blockbuster movie, but it tackles many important themes, including loss and mourning. The film isn’t without its problems, however. The film’s end is particularly graphic, but it serves its purpose of tying the audience to the Grogan family and Marley. Despite this, there is a lot of fun to be had from the film. Marley is a very lovable dog, the film’s star. The film has earned its place in the hearts of many viewers. Its protagonist, Owen Wilson, calls him “the worst dog in the world.” The dog is misbehaving, but he has a lot of heart. His owners want him to stay, but the situation isn’t easy. In the end, the family must put Marley down.

The Sadness

The popularity of sad films has been attributed to their emotional effect on viewers. These movies often provoke viewers to cry because they force them to examine their own lives. In turn, this process boosts their sense of well-being. A study by Ohio State University found that viewers who watched a sad movie were more likely to experience positive emotions afterward. Also, people who watched sad movies reported higher pain tolerance. Interestingly, watching sad movies made viewers feel more compassionate toward others, ultimately leading to happier emotions. The popularity of sad movies has also led to a dramatic change in cinema. A recent movie based on a true story has captured our hearts with its poignancy and grit. These movies have inspired many people to take action against police brutality against people of color in Oakland and across the country.

Dallas Buyers Club

True events inspire the plot of Dallas Buyers Club. It tells the story of a Dallas hustler who fights the FDA and AIDS patients to get drugs. It’s a sad film that’s also quite a laugh. The performances are superb, but it is difficult to tell which scenes are real and which are made up. The movie is a great example of a film that uses humor and realism to make the audience feel a certain way.

Dallas Buyers Club could be better, but it is engaging and consistent. Despite its sad story, it avoids cheap sentimentality while telling an important story. It is also well-written, linking each character’s story to the bigger picture. It also features a strong lead performance from Matthew McConaughey.

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