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5 Best Afterpay Alternatives to Shop Now and Pay Later

If you’re online shopping perhaps you’ve seen or used the service AfterpayIt is a business that collaborates with online retailers in order to offer customers the ability to pay for their goods in increments over a specified amount of time.

It’s not the only similar service available, However. There are many other companies that provide the same way of paying for your online purchases. They offer a variety of characteristics in comparison to Afterpay offers and if you like using it but are curious about what else you can do you should take the time to investigate the other options.

Here are the top options to pay with Afterpay when you shop.

1. Quadpay

This service of pay later is very beneficial since you can utilize it at any retailer that accepts Visa in addition to certain partners of the company. This means that you can make four installments of payment on almost any purchase on the internet.

The service works by providing you with your own credit card with Quadpay that you can use to make your purchases. Through the application, you can repay it over a period of six weeks. It is also possible to use the card to make purchases in stores by making use of the wallet of your Apple and Google wallets.

The payment method you choose to use is free of interest, which means you don’t incur any additional charges making use of the service. You only pay for the items you purchased.

2. Affirm

If you require an easier payment plan, Affirm allows you to decide when you make your purchase. You can make use of Affirm when you pay with retailers that use the service. This includes retailers like Walmart, Target, Adidas, and many others.

Affirm is different from other Afterpay options because it charges interest, but it’s straightforward interest instead of compound interest. You’ll be aware of the amount you’ll have to pay upfront and the amount will not change as time passes.

Also, you won’t be charged penalties or fees for late-payments for not making payments. Particularly for purchases that are large, Affirm is a good option.

3. Sezzle

Sezzle is a lot like the other pay later options in that it divides the payments into four installments that span six weeks. It’s also free of interest, and you can receive up to three rescheduled payments per order, allowing you to be flexible when it comes to your payments.

The issue is that Sezzle will charge you fees for some situations when you aren’t able to pay in time, or on the third or fourth scheduled payment. This is a useful service for shopping with large and small-sized firms as well as companies that may not yet be associated with Afterpay.

4. Klarna

Klarna is used by a variety of big web-based retailers including Amazon, H&M, and Adidas among other retailers. It is possible to use the Klarna application to search for all stores that you can buy from. The service functions the same as the other ones and you pay four installments of interest-free payments over time.

With Klarna you pay every two weeks, which is a total of eight weeks if you pay every payment on time. Also, you only have to begin paying for the product within 30 days of receiving the item, which means you are able to decide if you’d like to return the item you purchased. Klarna also offers an option to finance your purchase that you can utilize for more substantial payments and you can pay it back in 6 to 36 months.

Klarna is a fantastic alternative to Afterpay because it comes with similar features and is utilized by several large corporations, which means that users can make use of the service nearly everywhere. There is also the same feature as Quadpay which allows you to utilize the service in stores with a one-time card to either your Apple or Google wallet. Then, you can pay for the purchase in four increments following.

5. Splitit

Splitit has a variety of retailers that you can shop with and make use of their service to pay with the same 4 installment system as other pay-later services. With Splitit you make use of your debit or credit card to link it up to their service so that you are able to pay in installments. Splitit is also an interest-free alternative. There are no fees for late-payments with Splitit.

With Splitit it is possible to use Splitit anywhere you have access to the Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card, you are able to use this service. It’s a good thing because it works virtually everywhere. It’s a great alternative to Afterpay in the event of an online store you’d like to purchase from that other retailers aren’t currently partnered with.

Using Buy Now Pay Later Services

These services are fantastic options to pay for purchases that you would not be able to afford or to spread your payments to suit your budget. In particular, since many offer low or no interest and you don’t have to worry about the accumulation of debt.

With these options you can now use the pay later option for nearly everything you’d like to purchase on the internet or in stores. Make sure to follow the proper procedure for each service, and you’ll be having fun with your new purchases within a matter of minutes.

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