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Text boxes are an excellent and efficient method to arrange ideas visually or to distinguish an entire set of text on an entire page. Text boxes can also help make your documents appear more professional and formal, particularly if you’re sharing your document with colleagues.

Google does not make the process of the addition of text boxes to Google Docs as easy to use as it is with other word processing applications. However, there are some simple techniques to add text boxes in Google Docs. Text boxes let you insert images or text inside of them, and afterward, move the boxes about between or within documents.

How To Insert a Text Box In Google Docs

There are at minimum two methods to create an entry box for text to Google Docs. The two most common method is drawing tools or the single cell table but each offers different options for layout and formatting.

Insert a Text Box In Google Docs Using The Drawing Tool

It’s not the easiest method of adding a text box to the document, but it’s still simple to use and lets you modify text boxes within the document.

Drawing tools are available You can upload your drawings as images to Google Drive and add them to your document. It is also possible to add lines, shape callouts, arrows, and other shapes. The tool opens a dialog box within your document, where you can create, edit and modify the text and shapes boxes with the commands provided by the drawing tool.

To add an empty text box, by using the Drawing tool

  1. Open your document, then select the Insert tab, then Drawing, and then click New to create the text box.
  2. Click the Text box icon.
  3. The text box can be created by dragging and clicking into the drawing area and then releasing the mouse to allow your text box to show. You can add text and modify the text box to suit your preferences. When you’re finished, click on the blue Save and Close button on the top right-hand corner in the area where you draw.

How To Use Shapes To Create And Insert A Text Box In Google Docs

You can include various designs in documents, such as squares, rectangles, callouts flow shapes and many more. Google Docs lets you add text in various shapes, just as you would in text boxes, and alter it by adding background colors or altering the width of the borderline.

  1. Choose to Add > Drawing >”New” and then select to activate the Shapes button.
  2. Select on Shapes to choose the desired shape you would like to apply.
  3. Move your mouse within the area of drawing to draw the shape you’ve selected and then release your mouse. To insert text into your shape, click twice anyplace inside the shape and then type in your message.
  4. You can also add additional forms like lines, arrows, line callouts, or any equations symbols you want to add to the. When you’re finished with the drawing then click Save and Close to save it in the document. You can also change the size of the drawing by clicking and dragging the resizing handle until the size you prefer.
  5. To modify the shape, click the shape and press edit on the menus that pop up. You can also erase shapes using the delete as well as the backspace button on the keyboard.

You can also modify your shape by selecting the desired formatting option such as the color, adding images or lines, and so on.

If shapes overlap with one another, you can move them around to move them Forward or send them back and then get the order you want. To change the position of the shapes or text boxes simply right-click on the text box or the shape within the drawing dialog box, then hover with your cursor over the order button, and then click to choose an option to order.

How To Insert a Text Box In Google Docs Using a Single Cell Table

You can edit and insert the text box within Google Docs using a single cell table that has 1 column, and 1 row. To do that, go to the Insert tab, then Table, and then select one cell that has only one column (1×1).

One cell is going to be displayed in the document. You can alter the size and width of your textbox to your desired size. Then, add your text to the cell.

You can change the font’s style, color, and size to your preference if you wish to emphasize your text or make them appear more professional.

How To Insert Images Into a Text Box Or Shape In Google Docs

You can modify your text box, shape, or text inside Google Docs by adding an image. If you’d like, overlaid the image with text.

To insert an image in your text box, or a shape:

  1. Click on the shape or text box and Click Edit to start the drawing tool.
  2. Select to reveal the Image icon in the menu.
  3. Upload images by uploading them to your computer. You can upload it from an URL, your albums, or Google Drive, or search for it using Google search. Click to select to add the image.
  4. To overlay text on the top of the image shape, you’ll have to make use of the text box. Select the text box you have created, and then click edit on the menu to return to drawing.
  5. Click on the “Text box” icon to choose it, then alter the color of the fill to make it transparent to the text box. Click Save and close to add the text box to your image.
  6. Click again on the image then select Picture Options from the menu at the top and then select Wrap Text from the left pane.
  7. The image and text are layered in the inbox, by moving them towards the desired location.

To move images in Google Docs, click on the image, then change its mode back to wrap text. The image will be moved by scrolling keys using your keyboard. If you wish to shift the picture in small steps you can hold the Shift button down, and use the scroll arrows to move the image.

Have you been able to design and then insert a text field within Google Docs using the steps above? Please share your experience by leaving a comment.


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