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Andy Warhol Pop Art

Your laptop can be your factory. When you think about Pop Art, you might think of Andy Warhol or paintings of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis. It’s a very cool style. It’s easy to recognize the subject but it’s quite different from what you normally see. This silkscreen technique was used by Warhol a lot. This tutorial will show you how to do this in Photoshop and Android.

1. Easy and Quick Andy Warhol Effect in Photoshop

This is too simple for Photoshop pros. You’re right. This is the fastest way for an average Photoshop user to create a Warhol effect, without having to buy a Photoshop action.

  1. After you have opened the image, click on the Crop tool. Select 1×1 or Square to set the dimensions. This ensures a balanced product.
  2. You can make a copy by right-clicking the layer and choosing Duplicate.
  3. Select the background image you wish to use and then select Image > Mode > Canvas Size. Or press Alt + CTRL + C.
  4. Change the units to Percent and make the Width and Height. Anchor the picture in the upper-left corner. Select OK.
  5. Select the Background Copy layer, then right-click to select Duplicate.

Continue this process until you have at least four layers and the original Background layer.

  1. Right-click on the four Background Copylayers, and choose Convert To Smart ObjectThis will allow you to edit each layer individually.
  2. Right-click on a Layer and choose Edit Contents.
  3. Select Posterize from Adjustments. After the Plasterize Properties box appears, you can change the Levels to 2. Or anything else you like. Try it.
  4. Select Channel Mixer from the Adjustments tab. Adjust the sliders until the channel mixer properties box appears. To save the changes back to the original file, press Ctrl+S.

Repeat this process for the other three layers. Save the image when you are satisfied with it.

2. Andy Warhol Pop art iPhone App

What would Warhol think about the idea of his work being reduced down to a mobile application? It seems like something Warhol would do.

Abstract you – Pop Art Effects is the easiest and fastest iPhone app. Although it’s an ad-supported app, you can’t save your creations. However, upgrading costs $2.79. The Premium version allows you to use all other functions and eliminates ads.

  1. Touch the camera icon in the app. Choose Camera or Photo album to select the source image. Select the image you wish to use.
  2. Instantly, the image transforms into Pop Art. You can try different colored circles such as tri-1 or tri2Select 4Color or 6Color for a greater color depth. To do more, click the Edit
  3. The Edit screen has presets for Warhol and HaringMondrian is also available. Haring Keith Haring is the figure that you would recognize as graffiti-style art. Mondrian Piet Mondrian was a pioneer in abstract art and wasn’t a pop artist. 4Imagecreates Warhol’s polyptych style. You can adjust the settings to achieve the desired effect.

3. Andy Warhol’s Pop Art Android App

A few Android apps are Pop Art-style. Marilyn Style Pop Art Image is available as a free, ad-supported app. You can save images without any watermark. The Pop Art Studio Pro paid version has more effects and may be worth the $4.29. For now, let’s keep it free.

  1. To get your source image, open the app. The image will instantly become Warhol-like. The app was made for older Androids. It worked on a Samsung Galaxy X70 with Android 10.
  2. To modify the image click on the gear icon. This will take you to the settings window.

You can play around with these settings until you find the one you like. You can set random settings with the dice icon. The circular Arrow icon reverses the previous change. You can change the palette by selecting colors.

  1. Once you are satisfied, click the three dots menu in the upper-right corner.

You can Save and Share your image from here.

You can save it as a PDF or JPG. It’s a great app for free.

Now You Are An Andy Warhol Factory

Andy Warhol’s studio was known for its large number of workers and their prodigious output of art. You can now create in Warhol’s fashion anywhere.

Are there other easy and quick ways to create Pop Art? You might like to make Roy Lichtenstein Ben-Day dots comic art. Perhaps you could make something similar to Shepard Fairey’s Barack Obama “Hope” poster. Please share your thoughts with us so that we can all benefit. Pop Art is all about that.

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