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Are you bored out of WordleWe’ve looked around the internet and put together 23 Wordle clones and remixes and different variations of Wordle to let you scratch that five-letter word puzzle.

Wordle is the original Wordle is a daily word-puzzle game that is now extremely popular. New York software engineer Josh Wardle (get it?) has created an online version of the classic Lingo game series exclusively for his wife who is a lover of word games.


Wordle’s popularity has grown exponentially over just a few months. The number of users was 90 a month after its launch, hundreds of thousands within a few days, and millions of users around the world today.

Mr. Wardle who was in charge of Reddit’s The Button and Place features He has since purchased Wordle to New York Times, where Wordle appears in conjunction with it in the NYT crossword puzzle as well as the Spelling Bee.

What’s a Wordle?

The rules are straightforward. You can have up to six attempts to figure out the five-letter word. “Each suggestion must contain a five-letter word. After each guess, the color of the tiles will change in order to indicate the degree of accuracy in relation to.”

Wordle example

Play Wordle on any device you prefer, Android, iPhone, PC, or Mac The site will track your progress. The site only releases one puzzle each day, and everybody receives the same word, which is why many are willing to share their results or photo with their friends. As of now, Wordle and its alternatives are easy to use websites, and it isn’t necessary to download them from an app store. Click on the links below to figure out the latest word.

Themed Wordle Games

When people began posting the Wordle Results through the internet and other developers were racing to develop Wordle with new features. Wordle.

1. Lord of the Rings

Lordle of the Rings

J.R.R. Tolkien fans are sure to love Lordle of the Rings. The correct answer can be any word with five letters, including names, from Lord of the Rings. So you’re free to think ” Bilbo,” but “shire” might be a better choice for a first guess.

2. Taylordle


Swifties can delight in Taylordle developed by Hannah Park and modified by the Holy Swift Podcast.

3. Dundle


You’ve got it right. This Wordle is an adaptation of the TV show The Office. Hannah Park created this one as well.

4. Murdle


This version combines hangman with WordleIt is possible to make unlimited guesses however, you’ll die when you have too many letters that are unique.

5. Gordle 


Inspired by Canadian hockey legend Gordie Howe Gordie operates just like Wordle however, all of your guesses have to be the five-letter name of an NHL player from the past or current.

6. A Greener Worldle



It is produced by the International Institute for the Environment and Development (IIED), The predictions that A Greener Wordle should be in relation to the environment as well as climate change.

7. Sweardle – NSFW


With Sweardle you’ll have to guess four-letter words. The instructions state, “You only get 4 chances to guess though, so don’t **** it up.” Don’t play this at the workplace! If Sweardle isn’t enough edgy for you, you can try Lewdle which is more vulgar as well as



which is quite sexually raunchy. You might be eight guesses to the name of pokemon.

9. Bikle


It is possible to guess the 5-letter names of cyclists’ last names. The instructions state “The difficulty of the solution will vary from day to day: it can be a legend from the past, a well-known name of the present, a domestique who loves breaking away and carrying bidons.”

10. Phordle


If you’re a huge fan of the group, go check out this Phish-inspired variant of Wordle. It’s phat.

11. Absurdly


Absurdle’s aim is to make you insane. The goal is to figure out what the word is, however it’s not easy as “Absurdly is constantly trying to keep you from getting the answer. Every time you make an answer, Absurdle reveals as few details as it can, and may even change the secret word if need be.” Make sure to review the entire guideline before you begin to guess possible words.

12. Quordle


You’ll solve four puzzles simultaneously using Quordle. The letters count for each one is identical but the solutions differ.

13. Wordle in different languages

worldles of the world

With the help of Juda (rwmpelstilzchen) Thanks to Juda (rwmpelstilzchen), we have an extensive library of foreign languages Wordle games, ranging from Afrikaans to Yiddish and a myriad of other languages.

14. Custom Wordle


If you believe you have the greatest Wordle word You can design your own personal Wordle game.

15. Word.Rodeo


Word. Rodeo is a different customized Wordle maker. It’s not really multiplayer but you can also create puzzles and share them with your fellow players.

Wordle Clones



Should the New York Times ever starts demanding Wordle users to sign up as subscribed, we’ll highlight some straight-up copies of Wordle such as the Hello Wordle along with Word Master. Wordle Unlimited is a second clone however, you can make up silly words, too.

Non-Word Wordle-Inspired Games

These games are where your predictions will not be words as such, but these games function similarly to Wordle.

16. Worldle


You can determine the country or the territory based on its shape, as well as information on how far it is from the areas you have guessed.

17. Subwaydle


This one is for everyone who is a fan of NY. Every guess must be a legitimate subway ride comprising three trains and the possibility of transfers between them.

18. Letterle


This may be more ridiculous than Absurdly. Find the one letter.

19. Airportle


Scott’s Cheap Flights wants you to identify the airport’s code using Wordle in a non-native version. Wordle.

20. Nerdle


In Nerdle, the word has to be mathematically accurate calculation, therefore it should have an = sign. Do you feel your brain is hurting?

21. Mathler


In Mathler the number of targets is changed every day. Do you know the secret formula?

22. Numble


Numble is the same as Mathler. Find an equation that’s equal to the given number. Keep in mind your order of operation!

23. Primel


last The item on list is Primal our top 10. There are around 90,000 prime numbers that have five numbers. Are you able to guess the correct one?

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