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Enjoy the best of your viewing time. Is TV going out of style? It’s hard to predict. Every day, a growing number of people cut the cord. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, and others are streaming in. Smart devices such as Amazon Fire Sticks can be used to customize how you watch TV channels.

The Amazon Fire Stick is a great alternative to Google Chromecast. There are only so many hours in one day, regardless of the device you choose. Your choice of TV and movie channels is crucial to get the best out of them.

These are the top Amazon Fire Stick channels that you should install. You should also check out the short YouTube video that we created while going through these apps.



YouTube was the victim of a dispute between Amazon and Google. It was then back on Amazon Fire Sticks and Amazon devices. Why not? You won’t find a better place to view 30+ million channels, plus content in over 80 languages. YouTube is responsible for third web traffic.

Install YouTube on your Fire Stick and give Alexa a command to play Taylor Swift’s latest song.

Tubi TV


Tubi TV Fire Stick has a feature called Collections which you can use to quickly watch well-known movies. The Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes collection can help you find rare gems such as the “Requiem For The American Dream”.

It’s the largest ad-supported online video-on-demand service in the world, with more than 20,000 movies and TV shows from all major Hollywood studios. This claim can be tested while you binge-watch the vast collection.

FilmRise Classics


Do you want to see the greatest classics? You can find shows such as 21 Jump Street or Third Rock From The Sun on the FilmRise Classics Fire Stick Channel. If you are tired of watching TV, you can also watch more recent films such as Monster, Memento, and Spotlight. A selection of documentaries is available for free to give you a taste of reality.

Download HTML3_ HTML4_ FilmRise


You can stream movies, viral videos, and episodes of web series. The package also includes a selection of foreign films and documentaries that are free to view. They will allow you to place ads, but the content can be viewed for free.


Interesting trivia: The online channel is owned by Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Documentaries from other countries and original web series will be found here. Browse the directory to find shows in all genres, from action to Asian action. Don’t forget to check out the other categories, such as Standup Comedy or Bro Movies.

IMDb Television


IMDb, an Amazon company, does not require a separate introduction for movie lovers. You will always find trailers, interviews with celebrities, and other short-form content. Amazon launched IMDb TV last year (previously IMDb Freedrive), a free, ad-supported channel on its Amazon Fire Stick for movies and TV shows.

This is only available in the U.S. The site also allows you to view IMDb TV titles from your Watchlist.

Download IMDbTV (Free).


TED Talks are the best way to learn brain food. With the Amazon Fire Stick app, you can easily move from your desktop to your couch.


You can sync your devices seamlessly between them so you can keep track of your favorite talks and view history from wherever you are watching the talks. You can also bring them up using voice commands.

Download Free TED TV


A channel list is available on the XUMO Fire Stick channel. It looks exactly like your cable providers. You can choose from 180+ channels. All channels can be viewed and streamed free of charge from any device.


You can also relax with NBC News NOW and HISTORY as well as ABC News Live, NBC News NOW, and HISTORY. You will have to accept commercials and ads, just like every other cable channel.

One of the many positive aspects of XUMO’s complementary offering is its attempt to add new channels each month.

Download HTML3_XUMO


Crackle is a new product from Sony Entertainment. Crackle is a free video streaming app that showcases TV shows and movies, while also supporting ads. You can browse the content organized into neat channels that make it easier to find than Netflix.


To find child-friendly programs, you can visit the Home School Channel. For some great women-centric films, you can also check out the Film Fatales Channel. Crackle is only available in the United States.

Download Crackle Free


Astronomy and space are back in fashion. NASA’s amazing content is where you should start if you want to keep up. It’s not, but a niche Fire Stick channel dedicated to space enthusiasts. It streams everything free of charge.



You can watch the news, videos, live events such as space launches, broadcasts from ISS, interviews, and historical content. NASA uses other partners for broadcasting its content, including YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, and even historical content, to educate the public.

For a relaxed spacefaring experience, the combination of an Amazon Fire Stick app with a 4K television is ideal.

Download NASA TV (Free).

PBS Kids


A variety of apps are available from the Public Broadcasting Service that features family-friendly shows. PBS KIDS is a channel for children. It is the best source of quality educational content that children can trust.

All edutainment is free and available 24×7. This could be a great distraction for your children when school is closed and they are trapped inside.

Download: PBS (Free)

Amazon Fire Stick Channels Free: More than You Can Count

Amazon Fire Sticks can transform any TV into a smart TV, and they will also save you money. You can even cancel your cable subscription by installing the right streaming channels.

These apps are not the only ones you should download. These awesome Amazon Fire Stick apps will transform your TV into an entertainment center.

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