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VR Games

Virtual reality gaming is gradually entering the mainstream due to low-cost VR headsets such as those from. The players are also less constrained today due to the cross-platform compatibility. In some VR games, you can join your iOS and Android friends with your VR equipment.

This is the ideal time to dive into virtual space. In the following article, we’ve created an inventory of the top free VR games to enjoy to get a VR experience without spending cash. These are the top free VR games that you can enjoy right today.

1. Propagation of VR

If you’re a lover of horror games or survival shooters You should definitely look into Propagation VR. The combination of survival horror and virtual reality creates stress and anxiety-inducing experiences however in a positive way.

Propagation is a scary game that takes you to an underground apocalypse where you must fight off waves of frightening creatures. You only need an assault rifle and a shotgun to protect yourself from monster spiders, zombies and other terrifying creatures. The game runs for approximately 30 minutes and you’ll be feeling each and every minute because of the exhilarating and engaging experience.

2. The Red Stare

Monitor your neighbors, gather information, and locate the communist agents.

The Red Stare is a no-cost virtual reality game in which you play the part of an agent in the shadows. The game takes place in your virtual home in which you get information from your handler through phones and fax machines and track your neighbors’ movements.

This is a simple game that tests your deductive thinking abilities. Watch your subjects, be aware of their actions and the objects they’ve in their apartments, and gather evidence to establish who the communist spy is.

3. The Lab

The Lab is an assortment of smaller VR games designed by Valve to be a single application. This is a great choice if you’ve just purchased your VR equipment and are looking for a guide or an introduction.

Have a ball with your robotic dog or defend your castle with just a longbow to discover space and enjoy! The minigames are fun and also provide you with all the VR game basics. The Lab is possibly the best place to start your journey in virtual reality.

4. Echo VR

Echo VR is one of the very first sports games that were mainstream that was developed for the Oculus platform and is still one of the top. The gameplay is straightforward moving together in a space that is zero gravity against the opposing team to score an objective. It’s a lot like football, only it will make your pulse beat faster.

Although exclusive to exclusive to the Oculus device, Echo VR offers a thrilling zero-g environment with stunning sci-fi settings. The system of movement is intuitive and extremely fun however, it can be difficult to master. In the end, Echo VR is great for those who are new to VR and fans.

5. Rec Room

Get your friends together, make games, play games together, or meet new friends from all over the world to be part of their worlds.

Rec Room is an online game that is encased in an online community platform. It’s a casual open-world MOM where you can make friends, chat and interact with other players. There is a myriad of minigames such as the laser tag game, bowling, and paintball. The appeal of the Rec Room is its capacity to make nearly anything you can think of.

Rec Room Rec Room is also a game for cross-platforms that is playable with PlayStation, Xbox, iOS as well as other platforms. It’s not necessary to spend the entire time in virtual reality.

6. VRChat

VRChat is a social virtual gathering space similar to Rec Room. Create your own avatar, interact with random players, play minigames, and build your own world. Explore thousands of community-driven virtual worlds and make new acquaintances.

However, VRChat focuses a lot more on the social element. With your avatar, you can communicate almost and in real life because of lip-syncing, eye tracking as well as a variety of emoticons. Your avatar comes with an appearance and mouth that can be matched to your facial expressions and make your online interactions far more authentic.

7. Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality

In the course of your life, you may have thought about moving from building to building as Spiderman. You can now have the opportunity to experience it in virtual real-time!

Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality is a thrilling web-slinging adventure. The game revolves around climbing the high Manhattan buildings and experiencing the sense of freedom it provides. It is also possible to fight enemies by shooting webs toward them or even racing them. The game is fairly basic and is unique in that it allows you to enjoy the thrill of slinging webs from rooftop to rooftop and will provide you with the thrill of a lifetime.

8. Epic Roller Coasters

If you’re looking for a shot of adrenaline This VR experience could be the one you’re seeking.

Epic Roller Coasters is a virtual roller coaster experience. It’s really a simulation, meaning there’s not much to play with. It’s simply a sensation of riding a roller coaster in beautiful virtual settings which could be accompanied by motion sickness.

However, Epic Roller Coasters also has a shooter mode available in case you wish to engage more closely with the environment. Ride on a track equipped with guns and enjoy some practice with the target throughout the ride.

9. Gorilla Tag

Gorilla Tag is still an Early Access game, but it’s an enjoyable experience for those playing with your buddies. It will take some time to become accustomed to the controls since you just need to move your arms to jump, run, and climb. The game is fairly simple to master, but it’s difficult.

But, Gorilla Tag is one of the most played online VR games, which means you’ll always have an active server to play when your pals aren’t. Remember that the game is in development so that the developers can include more features in the future.

10. Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet the Medic

Surgeon Simulator VR is one of the best ways to introduce virtual reality, even though it’s only a demo game to play on HTC Vive (which also supports the Valve Index). It’s a fun and simple game that lets you play a Medic of Team Fortress 2, so you’re sure to laugh from the game download.

The game will begin immediately without any explanations or tutorials. It is up to you to figure things out by yourself. With the user-friendly interaction and the game’s mechanics, you can learn VR gestures like picking up objects or pressing buttons and many other gestures.

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